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    CHIT CHAT So what shall we talk about? March

    @Robyn Glad you're going to see the doctor. Better safe than sorry! I had my MRI yesterday and got the results. I have 2 bulging discs and 1 herniated disk in my lower back. One is compressing a nerve which is causing leg pain. It's gotten so much worse the past couple of weeks that it's hard...
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    Update on Becky

    Glad Becky is doing better. So sorry to hear about all of the other problems. :-36
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    CHIT CHAT So what shall we talk about? March

    @BrightEyes Kay, isn't it wonderful to be able to actually see far away family when we talk with them? My family is spread out from California to Ohio and we zoom often. It's nice to see everyone. Mom enjoyed it, too. @Barb It might not be good to rip your hair out! Hope your psoriasis gets...
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    Has anyone heard from Mary? @Rosie ?
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    @Poppy I hope you can get some relief soon! :-36
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    CHIT CHAT So what shall we talk about? March

    @Robyn It was definitely a long time. I think I'm still just tired from all of that! @janedee Glad your mum got her vaccine. Hubby got his first dose last week. I agree about the covid crabbyness, I want normal again! Glad you get to see your granddaughters often. @nemla Not sure if the...
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    CHIT CHAT So what shall we talk about? March

    Hello friends, happy March! I certainly hope this month is better than the last two. I had high hopes for 2021 and hope it gets better... It's been awhile since I was here. We had an ice storm the evening of the 10th and woke up to no power on the 11th due to trees knocking down the power lines...
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    Update on Becky

    I'm glad Becky's results are back and hope the birth control pills work for the ovarian cysts. Hoping you can get your MS under control now that you know. care-LJA6
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    Comment by 'KimR.' in media 'Triple Composition Challenge February'

    I agree, time flies--too quickly!
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    Comment by 'KimR.' in media 'February. Font Challenge with a Twist'

    Beautiful bride and handsome groom! Love the hanging hearts and the way you've put the photo in the heart in the wordart!
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    Comment by 'KimR.' in media 'Story illustration 02.21.jpg'

    Beautiful scene, love the illustrations. This reminds me of the book Heidi, one my second grade teacher read to the class. And she gave me a copy that I've kept for over 50 years. :-f
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    Robyn, did you

    That's not cheating, Robyn! Repurposing is a good thing! ;) Love the spring colors and the way you made the y fit in the leaf, very clever!
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    Comment by 'KimR.' in media 'Triple Composition Challenge'

    Beautiful, Ursula! Love the different effects and composition!
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    Comment by 'KimR.' in media 'FEB GAMES NIGHT'

    This is so fun! Love the wordart and the scene!
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    Triple composition challenge

    Thank you for the challenge, Karen!