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    Not Forgotten!

    Just a wee note to let everyone know that I have not forgotten this wonderful site.So many real life happenings to attend to at this time. Hopefully next month will be better...Take care all and be safe!! :-42
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    May My new siggy challenge

    Thanks, Karen, I get lazy when it comes to changing my siggi, so this helped...
  3. May siggi challenge..

    May siggi challenge..

    Credits: Indigo Designs
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    May GSO 2020

    Thank you, Karen, for this GSO......:-42
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    Comment by 'Lella' in media 'May 2020 Challenges'

    What a beautiful young lady!!! and beautiful page, a well deserved gso and ffpi... :-1
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    May Template challenge

    Thanks for the template and challenge, Karen..... :-i
  7. May template challenge

    May template challenge

    Credits: G&T Designs,Kakleidesigns and photo's by Laura.
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    May Progressive challenge

    Great challenge! Karen. Thank you. :-i
  9. step5-Recovered.jpg


    Credits:G&T Designs and Scrap Girls. Photo by Judy.
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    May Progressive challenge

    Step 4
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    May Progressive challenge

    Beautiful pages developing here..👍 step3
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    May Progressive challenge

    Step 2
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    May Progressive challenge

    This sounds interesting. Thanks for hosting, Karen.... :-c
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    Comment by 'Lella' in media 'Zoom'

    Love your page with all the photo's, great memory made here.. congrats on FP... :-k
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    Comment by 'Lella' in media 'May PYP2 - Bird'

    What a beautiful page! The photo and frame look great, congrats on GSO.... :-1