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    November GSO 2019

    OMGosh... thank you so much, Poppy.... :-42
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    Comment by 'Lella' in media 'Prog Challenge November Final'

    I love how this all came to-gether, Wendy. Beautiful work!!.... :-1
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    Comment by 'Lella' in media 'November Progressive Final.jpg'

    OMGosh! Rosie, what a beautiful page you have designed, and the journaling is perfect. :-1
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    Progressive November

    Thank you,Vivi, for yet another great PS!!.... :-c
  5. November PS Challenge

    November PS Challenge

    Credits: Jumpstart, Snickerdoodle, and G&T Designs. Photo by Cassie.
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    Progressive November

    Step 4
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    Palette suggestions for our end of year kit

    I love your colors, Robyn, and also that title...
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    Progressive November

    Step 3
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    Have I told you lately?

    Awe, Robin, I also love that song AND this site. You are the BEST!!!! thank you for everything.. :-42
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    Progressive November

    Step 2
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    Progressive November

    Thanks for hosting, Vivi..... :-c
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    Comment by 'Lella' in media 'Special moment'

    What a handsome L'L dude. Beautiful design on this page, Marianne. (y)
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    Comment by 'Lella' in media 'FTS+ 1 - Remembrance'

    What a precious and meaningful page you have designed here, Barb. Wonderful work! :-42
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    November Karen's mini kit challenge

    Thank you for hosting this challenge, Karen. :-c My niece decorated her front lawn,, sooooo spooky!!! lol
  15. November mini kit challenge by Kakleidesign

    November mini kit challenge by Kakleidesign

    Credits: Puzzling by Kakleidesign, photo by Cassie.