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    Mystery door February-challenge

    this sounds like soooooo much fun! I would love to be involved, but I am going away and will not have my computer :(. But I am going to see my new grandson, who will enter this world shortly:). I cannot wait for the next challenge like it ( I hope there will be more)!
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    November GSO 2019

    thank you for the GSO I'm honoured! I loved the effect in the end as well.
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    Bingo Challenge 5

    great challenge, thank you!
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    Finish the Sentence + 1

    What a great challenge! Thank you
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    November Template challenge

    Thank you for such a great template!
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    Comment by 'miamm' in media 'Cardinal.jpg'

    That is absolutely stunning! love the partial framing the the colours! And the photograph is amazing!
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    november mask challenge

    Thank you Eileen for the lovely mask
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    November Card Sketch Challenge

    Thank you for this lovely template
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    Comment by 'miamm' in media 'Nature Walk'

    Simplicity at it's best! It looks like a glorious place to be! Love the white space, it just makes the photo so much more spectacular
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    Comment by 'miamm' in media 'TOYM...Challenge'

    What a gorgeous photo and the layout shows just how beautiful she is! She must be a joy in your heart!
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    Comment by 'miamm' in media 'Make the world disappear'

    How beautiful! the blending and softness of the page is magnificent....
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    Comment by 'miamm' in media 'Fall Glory.jpg'

    What a beautiful photograph, and the way you have framed it really makes the colours pop. Great page
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    October mask challenge

    Thank you Eileen for the beautiful mask