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    Progressive November

    @Anne . Dont worry,it is not the first time I haven't finished a progressive. Life is like that. See you around when you have time.
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    Comment by 'nemla' in media 'NOVEMBRE JOUR 5-VanillaM Designs_Winter Sunrise.jpg'

    This came really nice. I like the fresh look a lot.. thank you so much for doing the progressive this month.
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    Comment by 'nemla' in media 'PS November 2019 step 5'

    Perfect quote and great page altogether. Thank you for taking parts in this months progressive !
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    Comment by 'nemla' in media 'Progressive Scrap Final Day'

    This is an absolutely perfect finish to the page. It is a lovely scene, no question, thank you for playing this month.
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    Comment by 'nemla' in media 'November Progressive - Painting is Poetry'

    Oh the quote is perfect for this. I really like this page, beautiful colours. Thank you so much for playing along this month !
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    Do you like your photo taken ?

    See what I mean ? We would like everyone else to be there to help us record events, or just life in general by being part of our photo collection, but we won't ? Are we a wee bit hypocritical ?
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    Comment by 'nemla' in media 'Pop up - Hats.jpg'

    LOL aww.... no comment on the thoughts of the dog,;) but super cute..... oh forgot to say great paint effect
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    Do you like your photo taken ?

    Me neither, Every time we go somewhere it is me that is holding the camera, and I seldom remember to pass it on so I get to be in the photos. I think it is a subconscious forgetfulness ...:rolleyes:
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    Comment by 'nemla' in media 'Nov--PS-Step-5.jpg'

    I love this to bits ! The title work is perfect, and the whole page came together beautifully !
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    Adobe Photoshop Elements 2020 is on sale

    Thank you @Grace . When we click from Europe , Adobe still gives the 99.00 price . @Poppy see above. I dont know if you are interested but I remember from before it is to expensive for us to use Adobe sometimes .
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    Do you like your photo taken ?

    Doing the what is your style challenge made me think . How many of us actually scrap pages with photos of our selves ?? I had a look in the gallery, and as far as I can see not many.... So here is my question; Do you like having your photo taken ? Do you make sure that you get included in the...
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    Comment by 'nemla' in media 'What is your style.......STYLE 3'

    You look great, dont know why you need to hide ! I love the stitching on your photo framing !
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    Comment by 'nemla' in media 'kakleid-sophisticated-hairstyle.jpg'

    A girl after my own heart, short and sweet ! Love the art effects on your page.
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    Comment by 'nemla' in media 'kakleid-sophisticated-bag.jpg'

    I like this a lot, The masking/layers ? mat for the photo really makes it pop. Your bag is super.
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    Comment by 'nemla' in media 'progressive novembre page finale.jpg'

    What a great finish, it is very striking. Thanks for taking part.