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    Great to see your update. So happy for you.
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    Windows 10

    translation of Orkans post; They said: "Try, you can always go back"; I lost everything. software including PHOTOSHOP and others ... some designators were kind enough to return me the buying links. WINDOWS 10: NO Since then, I have put all my files and papers on external hard drives. Not...
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    What does Pop-up mean?

    @Rose Thorn Have a ball !
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    Needing some prayers

    I am so sorry to read this, I don't even know what to say... That the thyroid is out of wack too , might seem the smallest of the problems, but it isn't, that stupid gland can cause so much havoc to the rest of your system, and your mood too. I wish you find someone soon that can adjust the dose...
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    Comment by 'nemla' in media 'July 2020 Hands Challenge.jpg'

    What a great photo, and I love what you have done with it.
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    Comment by 'nemla' in media 'Cats I've met orig..jpg'

    LOL quiet a puurfect collection.
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    Comment by 'nemla' in media 'Anderson Clan with full text copy.jpg'

    Sometimes it is nice to just make a page that reflects something we treasure in our lives. You look a great bunch !
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    Comment by 'nemla' in media 'Peace and Quiet'

    Beautiful work on this. Makes you sigh and breathe out.
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    Comment by 'nemla' in media 'Perfect'

    What a super pair of clusters, they really makes your photo pop.
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    Comment by 'nemla' in media 'Clumber Park Lake'

    Looks like an amazing place to walk and fish.... wish I was there.
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    Comment by 'nemla' in media 'PYP2-'

    ohh I love your gift of making everyday object's in to Art. Super page.
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    Comment by 'nemla' in media 'July - Hands Challenge .jpg'

    Well deserved GSO it is a wowser of a page !
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    Comment by 'nemla' in media 'The Sea'

    Absolutely beautifully done !
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    Comment by 'nemla' in media 'July Cock and Bull Challenge.jpg'

    Ohhhh, that must have been very unnerving for the poor girl. Love your unique take on the photo /story. A really great amount of blending /masking too making it look suitably ghostly. Thanks for taking part.
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    Comment by 'nemla' in media 'Cock and Bull 06.20.jpg'

    Love the elements you used to make the story come to life. I can see it happening too, it would have been so much fun. Thanks for taking part in the challenge,love your story.