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    I adore this. Love your Crew player on the front of the card and, of course, your logo on the back. Perfect BG paper to display your card.
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    Fabulous quote; love your little girl offering her gift.
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    Love your story and illustration. I'm not sure this is a "cock & bull" story - it sounds too real!
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    Beautiful page; I love wolves.
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    CREDITS: LYRICS – from “U. S. of A” by Donna Fargo; SILHOUETTE – from Pixabay; KIT – God Bless the USA”, BoomersGirl Designs; FONT - Tekton Pro Bold Condensed
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    This is an interesting show but I had no idea it already was 10 years old. Love your "boss".
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    Your A-Team is super. Lots of interesting facts I didn't know about the show.
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    CREDITS: LYRICS – “Two of a Kind”, written by Dennis Robbins, Bobby Boyd, Warren Dale Haynes; KITS –“Bless This House”, “Holiday Toy Shop”, “You’ve Got Mail”, “Fabulous Fifties”, “God Bless the USA”, “Spring Showers”, “Beach Girls”, “Puppy Love”, - all by BoomersGirl Designs; “Fur Babies –...
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    I always love reading your little stories about these vintage photos - so imaginative. LOVE how you've torn the photo and added the "wild dog" - fabulous job so it looks like he's always been there in the BG.
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    I love ladybugs so was drawn to your page and love the photos you found. Weel deserved Featured Page. Sending you best wishes for your upcoming hospitalization - 2 months! Yikes!
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    JOURNALING - As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them,” John F. Kennedy Veteran’s Memorial, Columbus OH CREDITS: PHOTO – by Nathan Peachman; KIT – “Born on the Fourth of July”, Bubbles Bits; FONTS – Rockwell, Rushtick
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    P52 Week 45 (November 8 - 14): S

    I chose an oldie made popular by Tammy Wynette for my country song this week: