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    I'm back...

    I’m glad your mom is on the mend Kim. Hospitals are the pits for both patients and families!
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    Temari (Japanese hand balls)

    I made one years ago. I had it for the longest time and finally got rid of it. They are definitely beautiful and not very easy to make.
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    My granddaughter's wedding

    You look awesome girlfriend! Love your dress! Andrew and Sally look great too! Lauren sure is a beautiful bride too!
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    Looking back at 2018 and thank you.

    Robyn talks about you often Kim. You are a wonderful friend to her!
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    Looking back at 2018 and thank you.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Grace! To answer your question, I've been exploring other avenues of creativeness. Two in particular.... my church and the grandkids. I have made a slew of doll clothes for the twins for Christmas. They are only little once and because they are twins, I...
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    Looking back at 2018 and thank you.

    Well said Robyn! You have created an awesome community for so many creative people. Bravo girlfriend! Merry Christmas And a very happy New Year!
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    Store opening: discount and Freebie by Synergy Ink

    Congratulations and the best of luck with your new store! 🍾
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    Dawn Inskip

    This is just so sad.... 😥
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    New home page slideshow - Featured Member: Grace

    Awesome gallery Grace! You do lovely work!
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    Great to meet you Cindy! Welcome to Just Art!
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    Excessive Heat

    Oh my gosh... that is too hot not to have air! I hope the weather breaks soon Rosie!
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    Oh my gosh... I never heard of a dentist visit ending up at the hospital! Poor Trevor! I'm glad he will be getting his operation soon though.
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    Good News

    I'm so glad Rosie! It's time you got some good news!
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    Great to meet you Sandra! Welcome to Just Art!
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    Happy birthday NancyP

    Happy Birthday Nancy! I hope you have a wonderful day today!