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    Comment by 'sbpoet' in media 'FADING . . .'

    Wow! Thank you!
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    Junk Box Challenge - August

  3. B&W


    For a Junk Box challenge at Just Art. The Junk Box elements are from Robyn.
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    Rosie's Mini Kit Challenge

  5. FADING . . .

    FADING . . .

    For a minikit challenge at Just Art. The minikit is from Rosie; other elements are from Sekada and Jen Maddocks.
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    August ATC Challenge

  7. BOHO


    For an Artist Trading Card challenge at Just Art. Elements are from Lynn Grieveson and Rebecca McMeen.
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    Comment by 'sbpoet' in media 'EVERYTHING CHANGES'

    Wow, thanks all for the encouragement!


    For a template challenge at Just Art. The template is from Kakleid; everything else is from G&T Designs, "Twentieth Century Sensation" at Escape & Scrap.
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    January Challenge: New beginnings

    LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN For Take A Word: fish; and a challenge at JustArt. Elements from AMB, TlcCreations, Altered Amanda, Angie Young, Captivated Visions, danimoy, Paula Kesselring, Tangie Baxter, and Vicki Robinson.
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    January Featured Designer Challenge - Dawn Inskip

    Always happy to play with Dawn's kits!
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    January Quote Challenge - New Year

    2018 Elements from Vicki Stegall, Anna Aspnes, Brutcher, TlcCreations, Angie Young, and Rebecca McMeen.
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    Photoless Challenge - January 2018

    Elements from LLabarca, Anna Aspnes, ViVa, Wordalicious, Dawn Inskip, Maya, NBK Designs, Paula Kesselring, sbd, Sissy Sparrows, Sarah Barber, and Tangie Baxter.
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    ACK! What the ... is happening with my signature?

    Yay! Thank you so much!