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    A template freebie

    Very cool template!!
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    July Quote Challenge

    I am blown away with all the amazing pages displayed for this challenge! The quotes were a great starting point and then you created funny, heartwarming, precious and thoughtful images for us to enjoy. Thank you all.
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    Gentle Love Challenge: March 2018

    Gorgeous kit - such beautiful flowers and papers - thank you so much!
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    January Quote Challenge - New Year

    What a fabulous list of quotes! Thank you!
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    January - A Bit Sketchy Challenge

    All I can say is - WOW!
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    Filter Challenge: Liquify

    Great page Sherry. I didn't know there was a Bloat tool! I think I need to try that one out.
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    Filter Challenge: Liquify

    Nancy - I also want to learn more about the Filter Gallery so thank you for showing us the way! Learning from everyone will be great.
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    Creating your own dreamy background .... using the blur motion filter

    Wow, these papers are amazing! I have to try this.
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    Grungy background from photo challenge ...

    I love your page and the background is fabulous!
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    Grungy background from photo challenge ...

    Sherry - love your end result!
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    Hangman Game

    Is there an E?
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    February 3D Letter Challenge

    Beautiful page. Your repeated use of the word in an artistic way is just beautiful.
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    February 2017 Just Art Challenge

    I have Jill's retired kit - Chasing the Sun - lots of fun elements and beautiful tropical flowers! I used it for my page remembering a visit to Barbados 2 years ago.
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    February 2017 - Book Challenge

    Wow, wow - absolutely beautiful page! The dogs jumping off the page is a fantastic touch!
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    Ugly Sweater Challenge

    I actually won for the ugliest last year. I am wearing the green shirt with garland and ornaments. My friend made her Grinch top which I thought was way too cute to be ugly. We did give her a hard time about the placement of her Grinch hands!