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    Windows 10

    I had problems with the last Photoshop update too and have read in an Adobe forum to uncheck in Preferences - Performance "Legacy Compositing" what I did and now it works fine. Have a look there.
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    Comment by 'Ursula' in media 'PopUp - Hands'

    Thank you for all the lovely comments. Special thanks to Karen @Kakleidesigns for the GSO and to Robyn @Robyn for the Featured Page. You made me happy!
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    Comment by 'Ursula' in media 'Bright-Burano.jpg'

    Fabulous page, love the photo and the colours. Congratulation on GSO!
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    Comment by 'Ursula' in media 'P52 Week 26 - Zebra Finch'

    Beautiful page, love the bird photos.
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    July-Pop up challenge-HANDS

    Thanks for the challenge, Karen.
  6. PopUp - Hands

    PopUp - Hands

    APP For The Record and APP Sage by Anna Aspnes Designs photo: Pixabay
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    Comment by 'Ursula' in media 'June Template Challenge.jpg'

    Congratulation on the Featured Page Today! A beautiful page and I hope they could find out what's wrong with him. How old is he? Australian Sheperd's are the best dogs and I hope Robyn doesn't read this.
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    Happy Birthday Rosie.

    Happy Birthday, Rosie. Have a great day! 💐 🎂❤
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    Comment by 'Ursula' in media 'June-2020-mask-chall-by-happyscrapart'

    Gorgeous page, love the photo and the clusters.
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    Comment by 'Ursula' in media 'Mystery Door Challenge - Door 8'

    Fabulous page and gorgeous photo treatment. The mountain photo almost looks like a painting of Ferdinand Hodler. Congrats on the well deserved GSO.
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    Rosie's June Mini Kit Challenge

    Thank you for the mini and the challenge, Rosie!
  12. Rosie's Minikit Challenge

    Rosie's Minikit Challenge

    Bohemian Birds mini by Rosie's Designs photo: wiki commons, showing Anna Fernqvist as Musette in the opera La Bohème
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    Mystery doors challenge-June

    Door 3
  14. Mystery Door 3

    Mystery Door 3

    Dreams & Bubbles mini by Kakleidesigns Creative Calm collab by E-Scape & Scrap photo: Pixabay
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    Comment by 'Ursula' in media 'PYP 2 2020 May'

    Stunning and great photo of the castle. Love the curled edge of the paper.