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    OH WOW! DeLoris, what a fabulous page!! Absolutely stunning work!!! :)
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    I'm a little distracted at the moment.

    Robyn, you will know when it is time to say goodbye to Bridget I am sure. If she is still eating and still getting up and moving around (albeit slowly :)) then is sounds like she is just getting old, like all of us! lol! You are taking care of her health issues and keeping her comfy which I am...
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    wooohooo! congrats on the GSO DeLoris, your page is simply superb!! Absolutely stunning work! So happy that you enjoyed the tutorial! :)
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    Hi everyone!!! :)

    Hi sweetheart!!! I think of you often! There is a place called Penguin not far from us, and when we go for a drive there, I often see a street called Evelyn Street and always think of you!!! lol!!! xxx
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    Oh goodness! what a fabulous layout Micheline!! absolutely love your results! The full page photo is stunning and I just love how the half tone filter stands out in such subtle way! Gorgeous finish with the cluster work and title work! Stunning work and congrats on the GSO! :)
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    oh wow Grace! you did a brilliant job with this! love how you kept the photo large, fantastic page design and the addition of that pretty bird is simply perfect!! Gorgeous work!
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    So very creative and artsy!! a beautiful piece of art, very mesmerizing, I could look at it all day and wonder what sort of life she would have under the sea! just wow!
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    Oh my!! just WOW!!! Rosie this is such a masterpiece! I hope you have it printed and hanging on a wall where you can see it each day! It is so very creative and 'other-worldly' ........ absolutely gorgeous in every way!!! just wow again!!! xx
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    Sensational work with the filters here Karen! I love the dreamy vintage look you achieved here and all of those delicious layers underneath are simply gorgeous! Stunning work!
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    GASP! oh goodness, this is simply stunning Ursula, just wow!! and straight into the GSO thread it goes!! HERE
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    March GSO 2020

    Absolutely love this page from Ursula, using the tutorial technique, beautifully executed page!
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    I love that you were able to work out the steps for a different program Diane, and what a stunning end result! Beautiful page! The colours are so pretty and whole sentiment of the layout is just so lovely! Stunning work!
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    wow! what a fabulous page Ursula, this simply amazing! love your results in using these features and love the overall feel of this page as well! beautiful work with the framing and the mask as well! Just perfect! :)
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    Comment by 'wombat146' in media 'MARCH 2020 How did I create this layout? #4'

    Absolutely beautiful Mary, I hope you are as happy with this second version as I am, gorgeous work! - more notes in the tutorial thread. :)
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    MARCH 2020 How did I create this layout? #4

    Oh Mary! I love this version a lot more....... you can see more of the original colours which makes the half done stand out a bit more, and while the cut out layer can still be seen, it is not taking centre page!! LOVE it! xxx