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  1. Sandy

    Happy Birthday Robyn!

    Happy Birthday dear friend! I hope you have the best day ever! It was so wonderful to sing to you in person this year even if it was 2 weeks early. Big birthday hugs girlfriend!
  2. Sandy

    God Bless You Andrea

    Hi everyone. When Robyn and I had the Den (DDD), we had a member who stepped up to run Bingo for us. Her name was Andrea. Andrea took her job so seriously and her husband, Michael, helped. She loved the Den and had many friends there. She got sick and the worst diagnosis was given.... cancer...
  3. Sandy

    Happy Birthday Kim!

    Happy Birthday Kim! I hope you have the super great day today! Big hugs.... :-f
  4. Sandy

    Happy Birthday Jilbert!

    A FB birdie told me it was Jillbert's birthday today. Happy Birthday Jill! I hope you have a really special day today! Hugs....
  5. Sandy

    Happy Birthday Digi-Scrap!

    Happy Birthday Cyndi! I hope you have a super great day today! Eat lots of cake!
  6. Sandy

    Happy Birthday Vicki!

    Happy Birthday Vicki Robinson! I hope your day is every bit as special as you are! Big hugs...
  7. Sandy

    It's me And I'm alive

    Hi everyone. Thank you for all your concerns and well wishes. I love you all to the moon and back. Here's the long and short of it.... Dec 30 I went to ER for a bad stomach pain. The doctors operated on my colon. I guess it was a day or so later, my gall bladder did something and they took that...
  8. Sandy

    It's Just Crazy!

    Just letting you know I haven't lost interest. We are all busy this time of year. For me, I am crazy busy with my church right now as I do the holiday decorating of the altar which is quite involved. And I'm running my granddaughter to work twice a day... 2 hours spent doing that, and we just...
  9. Sandy

    We're Getting Slammed!

    Hi everyone. As you all know, Robyn is away. Behind the scenes, we are getting slammed by spammers and it is taking me a lot of time getting rid of them and banning them. I think we are going to have to change some things but I won't until Robyn gets back if I don't have to. In the meantime...
  10. Sandy

    Robyn is away and I'm doing LOTD

    Hi everyone. Robyn is away for a couple of days and I get the joy of choosing LOTD! No problem! Well, there's one. I can't put it on the blog as it is different software than what I'm used to. So please have a look in forum or on FB for the picks until she gets back. By the way, it is...
  11. Sandy

    Love what you did Robyn!

    That is so cool what you did with the challenges on the forum Robyn! You never cease to amaze me and you rock!
  12. Sandy

    Layout of the Day

    Robyn is away so Kim and I are covering for LOTD. We can't put it on the blog so please check the LOTD thread and leave these ladies some love. We know a lot of you check the blog for this but this is the best that we can do until Robyn gets back as we don't have access to the blog. The link...
  13. Sandy

    Robyn's Back and I'm Out of Here!

    I'm heading west tomorrow. We're flying into Las Vegas, staying one night and road tripping it to Colorado this trip. We have one thing planned... go on the Durango Silverton railroad which is a 3 hour train ride each way. It's an old time train. My husband has wanted to do this for a long...
  14. Sandy

    3-2-1 Happy Birthday Robyn!

    Happy Birthday dear friend! It is hard to believe that we have known each other 10 years now. Who knew that when we commented on each other's layouts over at Scrapper's Guide, that we we would ever get this close? Who knew that when Laura and I decided to have a site that you and I would end...
  15. Sandy

    I'm out of here!

    I'm off to babysit for 5 days! My daughter needs me to help with the kids. I'll be on and off when I can but handling a 5 year old and two 2 year olds are going to keep me busy and will probably do me in! Pray for me! Robyn, I still will be able to check vbulletin during the day at times...
  16. Sandy

    Happy Birthday KimR.!

    Happy Birthday Kim! You are such a wonderful friend to me and I just love you to pieces! I hope today brings you loads of good things and special memories. Happy Birthday girlfriend! Big hugs....
  17. Sandy

    My Life is a Mess and I'm Cleaning it Up!

    Progressive scrap... You need a bench. Great! I have one or ten... somewhere! My hard drives are a mess! Yup, I have 3 externals and I can't find a bench! Time to clean them up once and for all! I have been working on one external since I needed a bench! I still haven't come across one...
  18. Sandy

    Anyone having Trouble with Uploading and posting?

    For some time this morning, I could not upload a photo or make a post or log in and out. I went from my laptop to my main computer and still had a problem. I came back to the laptop and all is working for me. Is anyone having the same problem? Evelyn made me aware of it and I see that Wendy is...
  19. Sandy

    Happy Birthday Gerli and Sheila (66)

    Happy Birthday Gerli and Sheila (66)! I hope you both have really special days today! Eat lots of cake!
  20. Sandy

    Happy New Year!

    I should have written this last night to cover those across the pond. Robyn is away so I'll put it out there. Anyone have any resolutions that you want to share? I resolve to get my creativity back this year. I have had 3 really rough years but I'm so ready to put my creative cap back on and I'm...