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  1. suslyn

    Sneak Peek by Kakleidesigns-Play and win

    wonderful colors -- love the faces!!
  2. suslyn

    March Wonderwoman Challenge

    thank yoU!
  3. suslyn

    January Featured Designer Challenge - Dawn Inskip

    Thanks for the cute mini!
  4. suslyn

    Photoless Challenge - January 2018

    thx. that was fun Oh!!! LOL PHOTOLESS!! Ha! I'll be back Okay, round two:
  5. suslyn

    Junkbox Challenge January 2018

    this is really unlovely. and i guess that's okay. posting here just because I did the challenge (even if I'm seriously not happy with the result). Terry Maruca Designs' Pennsylvania Primitives, CVD's First Noel, Maya's pig in the Every Little Bit Counts collab, Font Bickham Script Random...
  6. suslyn

    January Featured Designer Challenge - Dawn Inskip

    Really stunning. love your blending!
  7. suslyn

    December Bingo Challenge

    This is just lovely.
  8. suslyn

    December Bingo Challenge

    Thank you! I went with row C
  9. suslyn

    December GSO 2017

    Look at this wonderful LO! the subtle shadowing is amazing. And then the mask, the glitter and her beautiful loves. The bird and lamp warm it up nicely for me and the watercolors are a genius addition imo. i.e. I really really like this LO.
  10. suslyn

    An Elegant Season Challenge : December 2017

    makes me itch to play. can't today but I hope to be back!
  11. suslyn

    Cock and Bull challenge

    I was going through my stash and found this kit all zipped up. What a pleasant surprise. I knew just what to do with it! :D
  12. suslyn

    Hi everyone!!!! :) *waving*

    hmmm they're cuter in the cartoons LOL
  13. suslyn

    Your opinion pls

    Well it's sure not the stellar design! LOL Thx I'll think on that.
  14. suslyn

    Hi everyone!!!! :) *waving*

    Thank you so much for the update! I've wondered how things are going. You sure have had a full plate! Praying the recuperation continues to go well and that it's a lasting fix. I love your attitude about the move. I know it was hard -- and will be again, but you're pressing on and looking for...
  15. suslyn

    Your opinion pls

    Thx. maybe that's it.
  16. suslyn

    Your opinion pls

    I made this LO for a challenge: Use stuff from the mini. Must have 1 flair, 2 stars, 3 papers in the background. So I did. And it took some work -- the cat was didn't match this kit in style or color and was holding a milke jug... Still I find it blah (of course, I'm the thousand eles, hate...
  17. suslyn

    Featured Designer Challenge - G & T Designs

    Thanks so much for the kit!! :) You guys are corrupting me -- I never used to do LOs with photos. And I swore never to use these! LOL How fortuitous that that green was in the kit and matched the shirt :)
  18. suslyn

    November "Paint it black"challenge

    Thank you! Wish you had been too -- we had such fun. Hallo back!! :D
  19. suslyn

    November "Paint it black"challenge

    This old LO is not great, but it's still a fave. Hadn't been scrapping long when I made it Jan 2010. I can see things I'd do differently now, of course. Thought I'd share it here. Credits: Fonts: Pea Mandy (@ Fonts for Peas), Civitype and Celtic Styles: Flergs @ SBG Elements: from 'Carpe Diem'...
  20. suslyn

    November Quote Challenge Kate Spade

    Thanks for the fun challenge