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  1. sbpoet

    ACK! What the ... is happening with my signature?

    ... & I can't seem to get a code screen to fix it! HELP!
  2. sbpoet

    Hello from Montana, USA

    I have been reminded to come introduce myself, so here I am. I'm Sharon, known online as sbpoet. I make pictures and poems. I have a blog: Watermark | a poet's notebook, where you can learn more about me than anyone would want to know. I'm delighted to have found this site.
  3. sbpoet

    Reviews of sites for digital art journalers / collage artists

    I've just posted some reviews of shops, and this site. Check it out if you're interested, and let me know if I've missed anything. Resources for Digital Art Journaling & Collage | Shops: some brief reviews – NEW & UPDATED...