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  1. Elizabeth

    Reflections Action Free!

    I posted a link to a free action that does reflections under tips,tech., tutorials, software
  2. Elizabeth

    Reflections Action Free!

    Free Photoshop / Photoshop Elements Action for reflections available at this site, tried it on my castle shot.
  3. Elizabeth

    Missing for a while

    I am looking forward to the second half of July, when I will have some holidays to spend more time catching up on challenges etc. Been working 5 overnight shifts a week!.
  4. Elizabeth


    How do we invite people to come join us?
  5. Elizabeth

    Hello Everyone!

    Great to see some new faces popping up here....some familiar ones at that! When my area is free from the Cat2 cyclone and clean up....I will be back to post. Its been a wild ride the past couple of days....Robin do you expect to get any of this down there?