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  1. Sue C

    Merry Christmas all ...

    I can't believe I've been gone for a year, ever since I entered the magic door of KAIZEN ... I just started Sebastian's new course ... Conceptual Fine Arts in co-ordination with Brooke Shaden ... if you don't know her work yet, please google her and take a look .... I've just been published once...
  2. XmasWish2019-SC.jpg


    Wishing everybody a wonderful Christmas holiday ... sorry I haven't been able to be around but you are all still in my thoughts and I see the beautiful pieces that Robyn features on facebook
  3. Sue C

    I've been published !!!!

    Thank you everybody ... I've ordered a hard copy ... costing me a fortune but you've got to have the first one printed of course !! Sorry I've been missing almost completely in action but Kaizen is keeping me so busy I don't know whether I'm coming or going at times ... you all have to know that...
  4. Sue C

    I've been published !!!!

    August's Photoshop Artistry magazine came out today ... I have two images published ... so excited :-l:-l:-l:-l:-l ... page 15
  5. Sue C

    Moon walk anniversary

    This has special meaning to me because I had a very tiny bit of involvement in it .... I was working at Geological Survey of Canada at the time the moon rocks came to us and was immersed in them ... everything that was written here at the Survey about those rocks came to me to be proofread...
  6. Sue C

    I'm having a model shoot next month !!

    This should be a riot ... I set up a model shoot with my youngest grand girl for next month ... hopefully the weather will tone down the sun just a bit for then ... anyways ... her cousin is going to be there so I have included her as well. Then my adopted grand girl will apparently be home at...
  7. Sue C

    Photography July ( what ever the weather)

    This is one challenge I can get in on right now ... a winter shot taken when I was out on a really frosty morning just as the sun was coming up and spent an hour taking photos in the cold ... I miss this old country place at times, I can't just go outside and take photos like I used to .. it's...
  8. WinterIce-SCJuly2019.jpg


    I can't remember which winter this was but it's taken one frosty morning when the trees were coated with a bit of ice that was reflecting from the sun as it was rising ... 6:00 or 6:30 in the morning ... at our old country place ... you can barely see the sunrises and sunsets where we are now...
  9. Sue C

    The Chocolate Box: 2019

    The chocolate box this week is exquisite ... turkish delight all around .. I've been watching the facebook site and seeing the beautiful art on here and .. just wow :) :)
  10. Sue C

    What is an ATC?

    I have tons of these ... I used to swap them as well ... they were fun to do and cheap to mail because they were so small ... it's fun to look back on them and remember all the people who sent them ... we used to have themes to work with so some of them got really wild lol
  11. Sue C

    AWAKE ... last call !!

    Fine Arts digital art is not for everybody Vivi, your work is wonderful and scrapbooking digital art is just another genre of the same thing ... it's like quilting ... some do landscape, wall quilts, some do patchy etc etc or a cook/baker ... some make cakes and some bread and others a gourmet...
  12. Sue C

    AWAKE ... last call !!

    Evelyn ... I've gone through AWAKE and will always be a member but in KAIZEN now and loving it although it's keeping me extremely busy, which is why you haven't seen me here lately except to leave a couple of messages on images when I have a few minutes. KAIZEN is a smaller, closer knit group...
  13. Sue C

    AWAKE ... last call !!

    Just to let everybody who may be interested in joining AWAKE but are on the fence .... last call is here ... if you don't join up this July you won't be able to, Sebastian Michaels is closing it for new members .... AWAKE itself is not ending but getting better with new roads for all the members...
  14. Sue C

    Comment by 'Sue C' in media 'City Of Lights - PYP 2'

    Wow Grace ... fabulous page !!!
  15. Sue C

    Comment by 'Sue C' in media 'Changing ....'

    Love this page ... love the transparency of the scarf
  16. Sue C

    Comment by 'Sue C' in media 'Happy Anniversary'

    too cute
  17. Sue C

    Happy birthday Evelyn!

    How cute is this puppy ??????
  18. Sue C

    My Kaizen album ...

    thank you all .... I'm about a 1/3 of the way through ... each month it seems so intense until I work it out but it's absolutely awesome training ... good for the old 70+ year old brain :) ... I entered 2 images for last month's magazine ... after the magazine was out I got a message back ... I...
  19. Sue C

    My Kaizen album ...

    .. Grace ... we we are given 2 of her dolls ... I was so excited when I saw them :)
  20. Sue C

    Happy birthday Evelyn!

    Sorry I missed your birthday girl .... :-45:-45:-45:-45:-45 HAPPY BIRTHDAY