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  1. Captivating


    Captivating by Kakleidesigns
  2. Be strong

    Be strong

    Eat Pray Love by NBK-Design photo: Pixabay
  3. Chase your dreams

    Chase your dreams

    Captivating by Kakleidesigns photo by Barn Images
  4. Mum


    She by NBK-Design
  5. Love my life

    Love my life

    artCrush No 24 by NBK-Design
  6. Believe


    Believe in you by The Urban Fairy
  7. cinderella

    February Quote Challenge

    Thanks for the inspiration!
  8. Love is hard to find

    Love is hard to find

    Retrieve by Kakleidesigns photo: Pixabay
  9. cinderella

    February Template challenge

    Thanks for the template!
  10. The life I have now

    The life I have now

    Retrieve by Kakleidesigns Just Art Template Challenge February 2020 by Kakleidesigns photo: Pixabay
  11. Love


    Love Forever by NBK-Design
  12. You are awesome

    You are awesome

    Love Forever by NBK-Design
  13. cinderella

    February Challenge Tracker

    1. Mood board 2. Template 3. Quote
  14. cinderella

    February Mood Board Challenge

    Thanks for the challenge! I was inspired by the Valentine's theme, the flower cluster and the hearts
  15. February Mood Board

    February Mood Board

    You and I by Kakleidesigns Fabulous February Templates by Dagilicious
  16. cinderella

    January GSO 2020

    Thank you so much, Mary! I'm so honored!
  17. cinderella

    Comment by 'cinderella' in media 'Hello February'

    Thank you so much! You made my day!
  18. Hello February

    Hello February

    Do your thing (bundle) by Little Butterfly Wings MOC Cut File Template by Scrapping with Liz photo: personal
  19. cinderella

    Comment by 'cinderella' in media 'This moment is all there is.'

    Stunning! Well deserved GSO!
  20. Over the Rainbow

    Over the Rainbow

    Over the Rainbow Collection by NBK-Design MOC8 Painters toolbox by NBK-Design statue doodle: Apollo Greek collection by BilberryCreate photo by me