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  1. justpattyanne

    Comment by 'justpattyanne' in media 'Leap-challenge.jpg'

    Perfect OOB play for your quote --- and your balloons all ready to fly away with you. LOVE it!
  2. jPA_Merry Freaking Monday

    jPA_Merry Freaking Monday

    Merry Freaking Monday Move over Angry Cat, it's Moody Owl, looking like we all feel sometimes. ©justPattyAnne aka ©Patty Anne Henderson Created using Holliewood Studios' "Peculiarities" and Brandy Murry's "Aged Metals Styles".
  3. jPA_Ray of Pitch Black

    jPA_Ray of Pitch Black

    A Little Ray of Pitch Black It really do be like that sometimes. My dot's boyfriend dumped her a couple of weeks before Valentine's Day - so this was something of an anti-Valentine's. She embraced it, and this year's Valentine's make-up was a beautiful representation of what we were feeling...
  4. justpattyanne

    Comment by 'justpattyanne' in media 'Happiness.jpg'

    Wholly Stunning!!!
  5. jPA_nbk_She_Cherish


    I Cherish Her. ©Patty Anne Henderson aka ©justPattyAnne photo by me! created using "She" by NBK-Design.
  6. justpattyanne

    Comment by 'justpattyanne' in media 'Love Art'

    Too cute! I love your urban artists creating your page right here in front of me! Cute!
  7. justpattyanne

    Progressive Scrap February

    With nervous excitement, :-l I'm going to participate again. 4 images??? See? Already you're pushing me out of my comfort zone. I'll be back later to put my page here...
  8. justpattyanne

    Comment by 'justpattyanne' in media 'Mood Board - Jen Maddocks _ sweetlove'

    Oh yes! I love love love this! The subtle color change, the many layers & depth are wonderful!
  9. jPA_nbk_ArtCrush24


    Love me, Love my Chucks. ©Patty Anne Henderson aka ©justPattyAnne Created using: artCrush No24 by NBK-Design Love can take us to dizzying heights, or when it's gone, to the depths of despair. This love-themed BYOC in a bouquet of colors balanced with black and white, will appeal to scrappers of...
  10. jPA_nbk_ArtCrush24_LoveBig


    Zoey & I were recently in Galveston, TX and there were so many awesome graffiti art walls, a chaos of color & positive messages. ©Patty Anne Henderson aka ©justPattyAnne Created using: artCrush No24 Love can take us to dizzying heights, or when it's gone, to the depths of despair. This...
  11. jPA_nbk_Love & Light

    jPA_nbk_Love & Light

    Time to Shine! ©Patty Anne Henderson aka ©justPattyAnne Created using: Love & Light by NBK-Design Female model from Pixabay
  12. jPA_NeverEnding LoveStory

    jPA_NeverEnding LoveStory

    My husband & I were married on Valentine's Day in 2000. We celebrated our last anniversary together in the hospital, in 2012 just a few weeks before.... This Valentine's Day would be our 20th anniversary. He's with us always, in all we do & experience in life - he's always with my dot & I... but...
  13. jPA_Missing Him

    jPA_Missing Him

    February. Some years we get to celebrate the love we've found, Some years we mourn the love we have lost. This Valentine's Day would have been our 20th anniversary. I'm thankful for the memories of the time we were blessed to share. ©Patty Anne Henderson aka ©justPattyAnne created using NBK...
  14. jPA_Spineless & Brainless

    jPA_Spineless & Brainless

    He was perfect except he lacked 2 things.... I know it's the month of love, but it doesn't always work out that way for everyone. A little art therapy in spite it being February. ©Patty Anne Henderson aka ©justPattyAnne Created using Holliewood Studios' "More Brains" & "Art Dollies - Halloween".
  15. justpattyanne

    Comment by 'justpattyanne' in media 'kakleid-Modele'

    I LOVE the painterly / sketch pad feel of this --- and had NO idea this was the sketch! FAB job!
  16. jPA_Light the Way

    jPA_Light the Way

    Only travel with those who help to light your way. This is about being selective about who we choose to journey through this life with, only traveling with those who bring a light and leaving behind those who only look to drain and take from you. ©Patty Anne Henderson aka ©justPattyAnne...
  17. justpattyanne

    PYP February 2020

    As sooooon as I have a photo that I'm inspired to scrap - I'm IN on this! I have so many amazing tools just awaiting my own color choices that I don't use nearly enough. This is the perfect push that I need to get them off my dusty EHD to play with. I'll be back for this one!
  18. justpattyanne

    Mystery door February-challenge

    OK, I'm in ... Door #3 please!
  19. justpattyanne

    Win a $10 gift certificate from the store of your choice

    Thanks for the bonus incentive! I'm already working on my first!