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  1. Scrappy-Delane

    Use It All Challenge

    Thank you so much for the challenge and also the Mini Kit.....I'm pretty sure I used everything in the kit - what a wonderful idea for the challenge. Great Kit!!
  2. Scrappy-Delane

    Busy Busy Challenge

    Wow, this is a stunner!!!
  3. Scrappy-Delane

    July 2016 Quote Challenge - Claude Monet

    Thank you Grace for the Quote Challenge.
  4. Scrappy-Delane

    Busy Busy Challenge

    Thank you Savi for the interesting challenge. .
  5. Scrappy-Delane

    June 2016 Just Art Challenge

    Thank you for the challenge Jill..... I don't use PSP so I'm not able to use templates but I sure tried my best to duplicate it.
  6. Scrappy-Delane

    Loads of Lace Challenge

    Wow, what an awesome job!!! This looks like a good scraplift, would you mind if I tried it as one?
  7. Scrappy-Delane

    June 2016 Scraplift Challenge

    Thank you KimR....I only followed the first part of the directions have never done the whole linking thing....will have to remember to that :)
  8. Scrappy-Delane

    New Store grand Opening in July

    Oh goodness, how did I miss this. CONGRATULATIONS!!! If you need any more volunteers I will gladly help you out.
  9. Scrappy-Delane

    Background Papers Challenge

    Thank you so much Savi for the challenge..loved it. You will probably recognize the embellishments they are from kit - Cuddle Babies from SK.
  10. Scrappy-Delane

    June 2016 Scraplift Challenge

    Thank you KimR....I see that you edited my post and it says reason: linked image....Did I do something incorrectly when uploading the layout? Just want to make sure that I'm doing things correctly.
  11. Scrappy-Delane

    June 2016 Scraplift Challenge

    Thank you so much Kim (& Lisa) for the scraplift challenge.
  12. Scrappy-Delane

    "Grab my Kit" - So Beautiful

    Thank you so much for the lovely mini kit. Photo - My Daughter Abriell
  13. Scrappy-Delane

    May 2016 - Just Art Challenge

    Thank you so much for the lovely mini kit!!
  14. Scrappy-Delane

    Recipe Challenge May 2016

    Thank you so much for the challenge and the mini kit. Loved both. Odd Flowers-5 / Even Frame-2/Odd Paper-1/Even Splats-2/Odd Ribbon-1/Even Elements - just realized I used 3 - Ya know my Mommy always taught me to not follow a recipe in full .....that's my story and I'm sticking to it :)
  15. Scrappy-Delane

    Missing :(

    Weather put a damper in my plans for the what better to do than scrap away and play with the Just Art Challenges :)
  16. Scrappy-Delane

    Missing :(

    I joined here back in April and jumped right in with challenges/postings/etc.....But life all of a sudden got in the way of my extra time so I have not been here at all the month of May but I wanted to say I didn't forget about this place and I sure hope that I can get back and participate in...
  17. Scrappy-Delane

    "Grab my Kit" - Dearest Mommy

    Thank you so much Gabi for the mini kit....loved working with it....I think this is the first time I believe I have ever used all embellishments/all papers from a mini kit in one layout.
  18. Scrappy-Delane

    April 2016 Scraplift Challenge

    Used the kit "Vintage Rose" found in the freebies for members only by Savi - look for the "Free full kit that never made it"
  19. Scrappy-Delane

    First Birthday Challenge - April Celebration

    Photo my Granddaugher Lylleonna.......Used many of the mini kits. Scrap-lift inspiration from Studio Alexis Design My second posting with this challenge....just can't resist using the kits and the great scraplift...
  20. Scrappy-Delane

    April Template Challenge

    Thank you Veronika for the template...even thou I do not use PSP for scrapping I still try with these templates - gives me inspiration for my layouts.