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  1. JodyT

    Storm Dennis flooding

    I hope your place does not flood with it?
  2. JodyT

    Featured Page - 2020

    Thank you for choosing my layout as the featured page today. Old photos of my daughter. A lovely surprise.
  3. JodyT

    Comment by 'JodyT' in media 'Jump For My Love.jpg'

    Beautiful, you have such a good imagination.
  4. JodyT

    Pop - Up : Jump For My Love.

    Not a valentine type layout from me, this is my daughter back in the early 1990's on a holiday. Braver than me, I would never leap into this type of situation.
  5. Hayman-Island.jpg


    Made for the Popup challenge - Leap Dana's Digital Footprint - Vintage Blues Template from AMarie Photos are Tamara's used with permission
  6. JodyT

    Comment by 'JodyT' in media 'Leap for the frisbee'

    Fabulous leap picture. This layout is just bright and beautiful, lovely colours. The masking is wonderful.
  7. JodyT

    Comment by 'JodyT' in media 'To My Valentine'

    So sweet, love the glasses and all the roses.
  8. JodyT

    Comment by 'JodyT' in media 'Jump'

    Lovely, what a great quote, congratulations on being chosen as the featured page.
  9. JodyT

    Comment by 'JodyT' in media 'Feb Pop Up - Jump For Joy.jpg'

    What an amazing fun page..
  10. JodyT

    Comment by 'JodyT' in media 'Garden of your dreams'

    Beautiful photo and a beautiful layout. Love the succulents instead of flowers.
  11. JodyT

    Comment by 'JodyT' in media 'Remember Me'

    Stunning, love it. so pretty.
  12. JodyT

    Comment by 'JodyT' in media 'Hummingbirds.jpg'

    Beautifully extracted. I adore fuchsia, what a lovely layout you made with them.
  13. JodyT

    Comment by 'JodyT' in media 'Final.jpg'

    Absolutely stunning, love heritage layouts, love your text on the book too.
  14. JodyT

    Comment by 'JodyT' in media 'February PYP challenge'

    Fabulous layout and I love the quote you used..
  15. JodyT

    Comment by 'JodyT' in media 'P52 Week 6 - Family'

    Great card, Love heritage layouts in any form.
  16. February 2020 PYP 2

    February 2020 PYP 2

    BG Paper from Kakleidesigns - 2020 January mini Ilonkas Designs - No day but today Manu Scraps - Believe in you Photo by me
  17. JodyT

    PYP February 2020

    Here is my photo and palette. Back soon with the finished layout. LOL forgot to put the first one in here, its there now. My finished layout ... thanks for hosting, I always enjoy this challenge.
  18. February 2020 PYP1.jpg

    February 2020 PYP1.jpg

  19. JodyT

    GSO question

    Although I did once do it, I was unsure if it was allowed. Thanks for clearing this up for us.
  20. JodyT

    Comment by 'JodyT' in media 'Eat Me !.jpg'

    Beautiful card, I would be well chuffed if I received it.