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  1. goldengirl69


    I left a comment on Poppy's tandem page in the gallery....when I looked on it later it wasn't there....
  2. goldengirl69

    place a tag

    when I'm looking through the gallery I see ( click on image to place a tag)...what does this mean, is it if I like the page very much, i should click on it....
  3. goldengirl69

    escape and scrap

    Has escape and scrap closed, when I tried to log on I get this message...THE OWNER OF WWW.ESCAPE AND SCRAP.NET HAS CONFIGURED THEIR WEBSITE IMPROPERLY...CONNECTION NOT SECURE......certificate expired 17.1.18....has anyone else tried
  4. goldengirl69

    can't comment

    I've tried commenting on Gina's " seasonal page."..but there's nowhere to leave a comment.....all the others are o.k. has anyone else had this problem
  5. goldengirl69

    can't post a comment

    I can log on to the site ...but everything is so slow....I can't comment ...when I try to type it takes about 30 seconds before the type appears anyone else having problems......don't know if it's the site or my computer
  6. goldengirl69

    Silly Names

    I think you might like this's all about silly names...I'll start it off with a couple of names Jim Nastic...( gymnastic) Ellie Fant....
  7. goldengirl69

    serif transparent bitmap

    I've been trying to make a mask with brushes...and I've followed the instructions in the tutorial ...when it comes to the part where I paste special...and a box appears with serif transparent bitmap in it....I don't have just says independant bitmap...I've tried just clicking on that...
  8. goldengirl69

    hello everyone

    my name is Goldengirl69 I was a member of daisytrail.. I live in Ayrshire Scotland..I've been making my own cards just for personal use for a few years ..and I love it . I enjoy looking at other people's beautiful scrap pages....and get a lot of insriration from others...I'm sure I will enjoy...