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  1. Ursula

    Training week

    Tomorrow I shall leave for a training week with Josie in the mountains. She is now 2,5 years and I am planning to do some trials this fall. Heelwork, obedience, retrieving is so far ok but we need some more training in tracking. The weather forecast is not so good but I hope that it will not be...
  2. Ursula

    Photoshop Render filter - Tree

    I didn't know this filter and just learned today that it exists. Easy to place all kind of trees on your photo or page. The Picture Frame is interesting too. I never looked at these filters before, unless the lightning.
  3. Ursula

    Uploading problems

    Does anybody else have problems? When I want to upload an image, it doesn't look the same as before, I can't see my image. Then it takes some times and I get the message:
  4. Ursula

    Sorry for being silent

    It is January and I am very busy and am not able to do the challenges which I love. The reason is that I decided to do the MOC8 at Lilypad and sometimes these challenges are really difficult for me. There is a lot I absolutely don't like, mainly to create layouts with lists, text etc. Ok, I...
  5. Ursula

    Holidays in the mountain area

    I will be away for about one week (only). We are leaving tomorrow to the Engadin, where we have been last year. Have a look at this site to see the wonderful scenery.
  6. Ursula


    Today we had to let her go over the rainbow bridge. By the end of May, she was diagnosed with lymphoma and we knew her life span will be about 2 months only. She always was fine, had no pain and never missed a walk. The only problem was breathing. Beginning this weak we realised that she gets...
  7. Ursula

    What is an ATC?

    I just made a comment on the page of KAPOH. It is an ATC. I know how they look, but I don't know what the abbreviation is. That means I would like to know the complete wording.
  8. Ursula

    A little bit quiet

    A am a little bit quiet in the coming and last days. One reason is we have snow and I am going outdoors as much as possible. Another reason is that I try to follow all the scrap challenges at lilypad and there are many I don't like at all. And the best reason, for me, is that I have a belated...
  9. Ursula

    Good Bye Ebbie

    Last Tuesday we had to say Good Bye to our Ebbie. Due to her age, we knew that the day will come soon. She was 14 years and 7 months and these last days she showed us that she wants to go. She didn't want to go out anymore, she didn't want any food, no begging and she was sleeping the whole day...
  10. Ursula


    I am on holidays for one week, in the mountains, exactly Engadine, Switzerland. Unfortunately I forgot my laptop charger and do not know how long the laptop works. Ipad is here with charger. Hope being able to show photos on Facebook. Both dogs are with us and Ebbie feels quite good.
  11. Ursula

    Happy Day

    Yesterday I had a happy day. Beautiful weather, good dog training and in the evening, checking my e-mails there was a Newsletter from Jilbert's Bits of Bytes, telling that I have won her wonderful collection "Dawn". Can you imagine how happy I am :-16 A big thank you again to you Jill, :-26...
  12. Ursula

    Dog Training

    I shall be away for one week. We (Unica and me) are doing rescue training in the nearer mountain area.
  13. Ursula

    Holiday Greetings

    I forgot to say "Au Revoir", since Sunday wie are in Austria at the Weissensee for a 2 Weeks Holiday. This Time the Sogs arme with us! Internet connection is not so good and I shall be here rarely only.
  14. Ursula


    Tomorrow our vacations without the dogs starts, I shall leave for 10 days to Mallorca, a Spanish island. It is the 5th time that we go there and I can tell you it is a beautiful island with wonderful nature and wonderful beaches. :cool:
  15. Ursula

    Save as png

    May be it does not belong to here. However recently I had a problem with big png files. I have PS CS6 and saved my psd file additionally as png. Checking it I found out that is was very big, about 90 mb. Then I tried another step. I opened the same pdf-file in PS CS5 saved it as png and it had...
  16. Ursula

    Hello from Switzerland

    Having pleasure to be here I tell you a little bit about me. My name is Ursula, I live in Langnau, a small town closed to the little big city Zurich. My family is small, my husband and my two Australian Shepherd girls. Usually the breed is called "Aussie" . I don't have any kids, due to an...