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  1. KimR.

    News about Mary (Poppy)

    So happy to hear Mary is at home!
  2. KimR.

    Comment by 'KimR.' in media 'November Big Photo Challenge'

    Thank you so much, Karen. I miss his wrinkly forehead, he's growing too fast!
  3. KimR.

    Comment by 'KimR.' in media 'November Big Photo Challenge'

    He was wondering that! This was a break for burping. ;)
  4. KimR.

    November GSO 2020

    Thank you so much, Karen! :-f
  5. KimR.

    News about Mary (Poppy)

    That's bad news. I hate that she's not in a room yet and hope she is soon. Praying for her complete and quick recovery.
  6. KimR.

    Comment by 'KimR.' in media 'Flowers - Bubble Wrap'

    Beautiful! Love all of the texture and the quote!
  7. KimR.

    Comment by 'KimR.' in media 'Spaghetti Face'

    What adorable photos! Fantastic happy page!
  8. KimR.

    Comment by 'KimR.' in media 'November-Font-With-a-Twist-challenge.jpg'

    Fantastic design and page!
  9. KimR.

    Comment by 'KimR.' in media 'big photo challence-november.jpg'

    Such a sweet photo of the little kittens! Love the monochrome color palette and wordart!
  10. KimR.

    November Big Photo Challenge

    Thank you for the challenge, Mary! I love using big photos!
  11. November Big Photo Challenge

    November Big Photo Challenge

    This is one of my favorite pics of little Emmett, I love his wrinkled forehead and the skin peeling on his hands. He was 2 weeks old here. I'd love to know what he's thinking as he's looking at his mama! Kit: Connie Prince_Boys to Men Template: Dagi's Temptations_The Bigger the Better 1 Font...
  12. KimR.

    COVID is kicking Ohio's butt!

    Kentucky's governor has closed down all indoor dining at restaurants as of today at 5. Gatherings in homes are limited to 8 persons from no more than 2 households. High schools are all virtual until January, elementary schools may open for in-person classes if the county is not in the "red"...
  13. KimR.

    Hello from Florida

    Welcome to Just Art!
  14. KimR.

    Roster 2020 Progressive Scraps

    I can do March.
  15. KimR.

    I really am feeling brighter

    Great news, Mary!
  16. KimR.

    Comment by 'KimR.' in media 'clean-simple-nov.jpg'

    Very creative and very cool, Evelyn!
  17. KimR.

    Comment by 'KimR.' in media 'letzter-tag.jpg'

    Adorable photo and page!
  18. KimR.

    Comment by 'KimR.' in media 'Peace Lily'

    This is gorgeous! I agree with Norma about the dark background, perfect for the mood of the page.
  19. KimR.

    Use it all November Challenge

    I still needed to scrap Emlyn's Halloween photos and this mini and challenge was perfect for that. Thank you, Karen!
  20. November Use It All Challenge

    November Use It All Challenge

    My great-niece Emlyn dressed like a gypsy for Halloween. She loves this style and would probably wear it every day! Kit: November Use It All by Kakleidesigns Template (modified): Kakleidesigns (Dec. 19) Photos: Emlyn's mother and nanny