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  1. WendyP

    Storm Dennis flooding

    Just been looking at pictures of the flooding around the U.K. Just dreadful. Thankfully, here on the Isle of Wight we have not suffered too much, but it is so heartbreaking to see all these people who now have flooded properties. I do hope that members here at Just Art are not in this...
  2. WendyP

    Photoshop CS6

    Does anyone know if there is anywhere I can purchase a legal copy of PS CS6? This version, I believe, has the mixer brush which I need for some of my brushes. I've looked on the internet but some of the ones I've found seem very dodgy! I have a laptop that is not connected to the internet and...
  3. WendyP

    Several Craft Artist Tutorials

    A Frame using the Pen Tool A Glass Vase from Patterned Paper A Ribbon from Quick Shapes Alternate Embossing Effect Folding Box Frames with One Corner Missing Masks from Dingbats Scalloped Circle Stacked Photo Frames Text in Columns and Shapes Using Transform Tool All downloads can be fond in...
  4. WendyP

    Craft Artist Tutorials

    TUTORIALS Made a few years ago. Alternative Embossing Method Masks from Dingbats Mixture of Tutorials Tutorials 1...
  5. WendyP

    How to increase image size in PS

    I have been given several background image files which are 100 x 100 pixels. How can I resize these without losing resolution etc so that I can use them please?
  6. WendyP

    I’m back.

    Having got over the flu I then went down with a nasty stomach bug which really knocked me for six. Couldn’t keep anything down for days. Hopefully I am now getting over it and regaining my strength each day. I will get back to making my scrap pages and adding some comment.
  7. WendyP

    I’ll be back.

    Haven’t been able to do any scrapping or entering challenges this week as I have got this damned flu! Cough, cough, cough all night long. So tired and don’t feel like doing anything at the moment. My husband has it as well and my son has just gone back to work after he had it earlier. I do...
  8. WendyP

    Craft Artist Tutorials by WendyP

    Here are the tutorials I made for Daisytrail. Hope they are of use to Craft Artist users. Alternate Embossing method: Masks using Dingbats...
  9. WendyP

    Hello from the Isle of Wight

    Hi, I'm another Daisy Trailer and have just joined you all. I'm from the Isle of Wight in England, and have been scrapbooking since 2010.