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  1. WendyP

    News about Mary (Poppy)

    Thank you Rosie for the good news about Mary going home. Hope she will soon be feeling much better. Sending love and hugs to her
  2. WendyP

    Free autumn goodies

    Thank you Evelyn
  3. WendyP

    News about Mary (Poppy)

    Thought she was getting over the op. How worrying for her. Do hope she will soon be feeling better. Sending gentle hugs💐
  4. WendyP

    November GSO 2020

    Many thanks Grace. Made my day
  5. WendyP

    Comment by 'WendyP' in media 'Winter Wonderland'

    Beautiful page Rosie. Congratulations on GSO
  6. WendyP

    Comment by 'WendyP' in media 'Time for a Change Kit.jpg'

    Beautiful Rosie
  7. P52 Week 46 Trouble Ahead

    P52 Week 46 Trouble Ahead

    Snowdrift by Lynne Anzelc
  8. P52 Week 45 - Skiing

    P52 Week 45 - Skiing

    Wild Winter by Rosie Image from Pixabay
  9. WendyP


    Thank you Karen for a great challenge
  10. November Progressive  Final

    November Progressive Final

    Pieces from Lynne Anzelc and Anna Aspines Image from Pixabay Added some embellishments from my Autumn Glory kit
  11. WendyP

    A Quick Update

    Sorry to hear this Mary. Get plenty of rest and let’s hope the medicines quickly ease your pain
  12. WendyP

    The Chocolate Box: 2020 July - December

    Thank Robyn for including my page.
  13. Altered Photo Challenge

    Altered Photo Challenge

    Pieces from various kits by Rosie and Lynne Anzelc Image from Pixabay Effect added in Topaz Suite using Sketch and Colour