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  1. bondem

    Returning from a break

    Hi everyone, just returning from a break, still got a wedding and a christening to organise but at least the other wedding has happened and was quite a success. Returning to quite a different layout and just trying to sort it all out in my head. Probably make a few mistakes while I'm at it. For...
  2. bondem


    So sorry I haven't done much lately, but after knitting for the whole family for winter, Ive been making analog scrapbooks and albums for each and every one of them and all different with different subjects etc. Hoping to get digital again in the New Year. Wish you all a pleasant holiday time...
  3. bondem

    sad news

    So sad to hear of the passing of Jill Walls of Created by Jill.
  4. bondem


    Sorry I've been missing in action online recently, been knitting for babies and Christmas presents and making all my Christmas cards. Will need to tidy up craft room now as it looks like a bomb has hit it but looking forward to getting back online again soon.
  5. bondem


    Well, I survived my family event on Saturday and although I'm not used to cooking and catering for 54 persons, all turned out well. I'm now looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and joining in the monthly challenges.
  6. bondem


    Sorry I haven't been taking part too much these days but I'm busy organising and catering for a very large family event end of June, so hope to have more time after that.
  7. bondem

    Back from vacation

    Hi, I'm just back from my long winter holiday, which turned out to be a working holiday as the ceiling in the bathroom of my sister's house where we were staying, caved in due to too much rain and snow. This meant I had to cancel my 70th birthday celebrations and we used the whole holiday to...
  8. bondem


    In case someone wonders where I am, I shall be away January and February. Wish you all a Happy and healthy New Year.
  9. bondem

    Question of size

    Would like to ask those of you who make scrapkits, masks etc., what size you use. Recently in the Progressive scrap we realised that different sizes were used which resulted in smaller postage stamp images as was stated. I don't often use other people's scraps but I have tried here today one or...
  10. bondem


    I've made 1 or 2 pages today with Scrapkits from earlier days some of them 2007 but I'm finding that some of them do not contain TOUs inside the kit which makes it extremely difficult to give credits. I've also noticed that some of the kits offered in the group have no TOUs either which will in...
  11. bondem


    In the gallery, I see several pages with the sme titles e.g. Lost Time - I don't think they are challenges from this group. Do members post challenges or tutorials done on other groups? I only post what I've done for challenges here but would be interested in other groups too.
  12. bondem

    Corel Painter 2018

    Has anyone used this programme? I downloaded the trial version but not sure whether to buy or not. Need to think how much I would use it as it's quite expensive here but I've had fun playing with it.
  13. bondem


    Sorry I've been missing in action these past 2 weeks or so but was busy in the garden extending my patio and wasn't at all online. I must say I didn't miss the internet but needing to catch up quite a bit now.
  14. bondem

    Question about art Journaling and digital art

    I've noticed there's an album for art journaling and digital art. What is the borderline/difference between the pages in the other albums and this one and when would we put them in there? I do mixed media pages by hand and digital just wondered when it border over from one to the other. Thanks
  15. bondem

    I'm back

    I'm now back home from trip which we had to cut short as we both had a terrible flu bug which won't go away. I'm astonished as to how many February challenges there are and will have to get stuck into them when I'm feeling a bit less exhausted.
  16. bondem

    On holiday

    Just in case you're wondering why I haven't done much this week, I'm on holiday in Scotland. We managed to drive through Germany, Holland and up to Britain without getting any snow. Will be back home end of February but may have a chance to do one or two challenges.
  17. bondem


    Just to mention if I'm not so active this week, my computer died after a power cut yesterday but I've ordered a new one which should arrive next week. Hoping my laptop which is a lot older than my PC was will last out till then. :rolleyes:
  18. bondem


    Hi, been looking through the tutorial section, all interesting but does anyone here use PSP? I don't have Photoshop and don't know PSE. I would be interested to know if anyone has tried PSPX9 as I'm thinking of updating. I have PSPX1, X3 and X5 and wondered if it was worth buying X9. Or would...
  19. bondem

    Blown away

    Just to say, I'm blown away every day when I log in to see the work everyone has done. All different styles and all great pages. Well done to one and all. Sometimes they put me to shame and other times it spurns me on to practice, practice, practice. Thanks ladies. I'm still finding out how the...
  20. bondem

    about Comments

    I have been entering comments by clicking on the member's gallery, then the page I like and then at the side click on comments, but where do they go? Perhaps I should be going into the challenges and commenting or posting there. I thought perhaps that would be taking up more room, please advise...