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  1. Norma

    Happy Holidays!

    Before I get busy today, just wanted to wish everyone far and close a wonderful holiday! It's been a tough year but I pray and hope that 2021 is a better and beautiful one!
  2. Norma

    Uploading to Gallery

    I've been having problems uploading there anything going on? It says its uploading but then it just sits there...if I save message says it is still uploading. Hmmm. Then it says "oops we ran into some problems...Ensure you have added at least one media item before continuing". When...
  3. Norma

    Merry Christmas!

    I hope everyone has the best Christmas...and a wonderful New Year!
  4. Norma

    Vacation time..

    I'm going on vacation tomorrow and won't be back until Sept 16. Road trip up North (meaning Savannah, Baltimore (visit my bro), Conn. (cousin one week, my Dad the next) and then on to PA for a wedding on Sept 7. Maybe Nashville after that not sure yet. Looking forward to it...and hopefully...
  5. Norma

    I'm Back

    It's been a while since I've been here...lots happening. I've been traveling a lot. I'm on 5 CT teams so very busy.
  6. Norma

    I'm Back!

    Back from my almost month long vacation overseas...and what an awesome time it was. I'd recommend a river cruise to anyone! Beautiful countryside (Paris to Prague) and so relaxing! Photos coming soon.
  7. Norma

    Vacation time!

    Before I forget and get busy I just want to let you all know that I will be on vacation from Labor Day til the end of September. Wow I can't even believe that! Going to Charleston SC on Sept 5 for our 39th anniversary and then up to PA to hook up with long time friends. We are all going...
  8. Norma


    I was tickled to see my Lighthouse as a LOTD! I never know where to post a reply to thank you for even choosing it! But I do appreciate every time I see one on the Home Page.
  9. Norma

    I'm Back

    I haven't been around for the last 3 stepmom passed away and I had to rush up to New England. I'm now trying to play catchup but glad to be back in sunny Florida and warm weather. It was brutal in Connecticut and Maryland!
  10. Norma

    Away for the Holiday...

    I just want to wish everyone here and your families a very Merry Christmas! I will be sporadic this week as we are going to Destin for the holiday...we live in Tarpon Springs FL but have never been to the Panhandle area yet so we have a place on the beach with a balcony and all...should be a...
  11. Norma

    Help with the gallery

    Was over in the gallery and getting ready to upload a few of my pages but I didn't see an upload link. Is it there and I'm missing it? It seems I have to hit the "home" button for it to show the link for uploading, etc. Is this right?
  12. Norma

    Hello from Sunny Florida!

    I''m Norma aka Yorkiemom here (NormaK at other sites). I know Robyn from way back in my Digital Design Den days. Married for 37 years to my wonderful husband Tim, no children (well he has 3 grown). We are originally from New England (CT) but moved to Florida 14 years ago when he changed jobs...