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  1. Evelyn

    On-line condolences

    I goofed replying to this, Mary - seem to be goofing more than I used to - did you cheer up yet Hun?
  2. Evelyn

    Very sad news.

    Carmen, my sincere, heartfelt sympathies to you and your families ♥
  3. Evelyn

    CHIT CHAT So what shall we talk about? April

    The US is all over the place and I'm sick of the stupidity, both in people and the government! I worked with "micro organisms" and that's what a virus is ... been long thought in the science community that what's going to do-in the human race is a virus!
  4. Evelyn

    On-line condolences

    I can understand getting sick of something that's overplayed when it's only because of one's station ... disasters are another thing ... it would be the same over here for a president! He lived a long life.
  5. Evelyn

    On-line condolences

    cheer up
  6. Evelyn

    SHARE I'd like to share this with you!

    NOT looking Karen - no problem, just not looking! Reading some news each day leaves me shock-less, I think ♥
  7. Evelyn

    On-line condolences

    so ~ you're not one of the many who have complained to BBC? Idiots!
  8. Evelyn

    On-line condolences

    quit it
  9. Evelyn

    On-line condolences

    for Prince Phillip, Mary
  10. Evelyn


    Catch up when you can - we can manage here without all your daily hard work! ♥
  11. Evelyn

    CHALLENGES April Recipe challenge

    I think I included all the ingredients, Karen ~ thank you
  12. Recipe-CH.jpg


    kakleid kits, paper softinspiration (2 - the one underneath I turned into b&w), photo >morgue file
  13. Evelyn


    so glad too hear from you Barb ... I am hoping with all I've got that he beats this and is able to come back home and that your hand heals completely ♥
  14. Evelyn

    On-line condolences
  15. Evelyn

    Comment by 'Evelyn' in media 'Spring Shoe Challenge'

    congrats X2 Angela ~ love the shoe and that grey goose
  16. Evelyn

    Comment by 'Evelyn' in media 'April Template Challenge - Sisters'

    well now - I'm so glad you copied your description so I could read it! and beyond glad that the visit was all you hoped for & more ... you both are blessed and I'm so pleased for you ♥ and congrats on the GSO
  17. Evelyn

    Comment by 'Evelyn' in media 'Font-ChaLL.jpg'

    Mary - the fillies don't have any names yet - those are the mares' names
  18. Evelyn

    Comment by 'Evelyn' in media 'My Mamma'

    absolutely gorgeous Carmen, what a lovely lady
  19. Evelyn

    Comment by 'Evelyn' in media 'chickie_atc_april_2021.jpg'

    love the soft colors you used ... lovely!
  20. Evelyn

    CHALLENGES April Font Challenge with a Twist

    I did use 3 fronts - love that strawberry one, Carmen ~ thanks