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  1. Sue C

    CHALLENGES The World's a Rainbow Challenge

    “Let your doll do the travelling for you” Travelling the world was a common activity for young people finished with school in the 1970’s. Lets let these dolls do the travelling for us while we are waiting to be set free. Use at least two dolls for your challenge piece. I've included some blanks...
  2. Sue C

    Haven't forgotten everybody lol ... absent again !!

    A couple of months of madness ..... Feb was a really work intensive Kaizen and along with that my nephew died suddenly of a heart attack ... 49 years old and then not being able to go to his funeral ... March ... ahhhh March ... crazy month but I have not forgotten you .. I'm working on...
  3. Sue C

    Tiff files ....

    I in my ultimate wisdom (put in laugh track here) sent a tiff file for the pocket challenge thinking everybody could open it ... that wisdom wasn't very wise :) .... for those of you who are not using Adobe software what would you need to be able to use what I send ? I can send png if that would...
  4. Sue C

    I've put a new challenge up

    When I was transferring files to the new EHD for my new Mac I found this little library pocket psd I had created last year and thought you could have some fun with it. Sorry it was so late but I has taken a week to set up my new Mac ... I had to reset the computer because I was getting an orange...
  5. Sue C

    What's in your pocket? challenge

    I found this little pocket with a rooster sitting in it when I was cleaning up my EHD getting ready for my new computer and thought you could have some fun with it .. I've included a set of hands as well ... you never know what's sticking out of that little pocket :) Pocket link here ... Have fun
  6. Sue C

    I'm loving the new changes to the site and I'm getting a brand new Mac mini !!!!!!!

    There are quite a few changes and I'm loving them Robyn ... they make it so much easier to navigate through the site as well as being able to add an image straight to the message without going through the gallery ... it must save a lot of space as well. My new Mac mini should come in...
  7. Sue C

    Mr and Mrs Santa Claus paper dolls challenge ...

    I forgot to mention that I have posted a challenge this month lol .. it's been a busy month ... hubby has been set up with the Heart Institute here in Ottawa .. he's got blockage but manageable if he's a good boy ... we've only begun this journey so it's taking a lot of attention ... anyway ...
  8. Sue C

    Mr & Mrs Santa paper doll challenge

    It wouldn't be Christmas without some new paper dolls :) ... The challenge: again very simple ... use at least one of the dolls and make them your own if you want .. I've included the blanks along with the dolls. Create a paper doll page or a page with your kids from a previous Christmas .. I...
  9. Sue C

    Puppet Warp ...

    Brett Malley has a great short Youtube on rotating a limb and thought it may come in handy ... puppet warp rocks (spider warning)
  10. Sue C

    Little Red Riding Hood Challenge ...

    Sorry for neglecting you all ... I've been busy putting away this year's harvest ..dehydrating, freezing, chutney etc etc ... I found these Little Red Riding Hood book images and I thought she would make a great paper doll ... two rules ... #1.. use one Red Riding Hood image from the kit and #2...
  11. Sue C

    Interesting technique in Photoshop that I thought everybody might like .... imagine the cool backgrounds you could make :) update on this .... if you have an older GPU it won't work for you, I have an older MAC mini so of course it wouldn't work ... however ... tried it in the 2019 version of Photoshop and it works like a charm
  12. Sue C

    Hats .... a hat challenge for you

    I extracted these hats for a series I'm doing called "Cats in Hats" and thought you might have fun with them. Only rule is to have fun and do what you want to do ... link is in the registered members forum
  13. Sue C

    June Imaginings ... a challenge just for fun

    This month I've been working on some bird people paper dolls for a piece I have been working on for Kaizen. I extracted a lot of antique and vintage clothing from the Rijks Museum ... there site is amazing and I've put a link in my TOU .... I also worked with some awesome vintage bird plates...
  14. Sue C

    Tribute Challenge

    I have created a little add on for March's dolls ... I thought a tribute to all the unsung heroes out there during this crisis so everybody could honour those who they know are doing so much .... it could be a doctor, nurse, psw, cleaner, grocery store clerk etc. You will need March's doll ...
  15. Sue C

    I've been published in the Living the Photo Artistic Life !!

    This is my fourth image to be published .... mine is on page 14 ... a full page spread :)
  16. Sue C

    Chocolate Box !!! WoW

    Just had a peek at the chocolates and they are soooo sweet .... beautiful every one of them
  17. Sue C

    Spring Paper Doll Challenge

    Surprise !!! I have been neglecting you all for over a year ... I did think it was over time for a new paper doll kit ... have fun ... you can find the kit link in the private members section. These Spring girls are Apricot and Jade
  18. Sue C

    Merry Christmas all ...

    I can't believe I've been gone for a year, ever since I entered the magic door of KAIZEN ... I just started Sebastian's new course ... Conceptual Fine Arts in co-ordination with Brooke Shaden ... if you don't know her work yet, please google her and take a look .... I've just been published once...
  19. Sue C

    I've been published !!!!

    August's Photoshop Artistry magazine came out today ... I have two images published ... so excited :-l:-l:-l:-l:-l ... page 15
  20. Sue C

    Moon walk anniversary

    This has special meaning to me because I had a very tiny bit of involvement in it .... I was working at Geological Survey of Canada at the time the moon rocks came to us and was immersed in them ... everything that was written here at the Survey about those rocks came to me to be proofread...