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  1. doglvr49

    QUESTION Need advice

    Seems my computer, which is pretty ancient, has finally bit the dust. I will be eventually getting a new one, after my husband has exhausted every effort to repair it. He's good but fear this might be his Waterloo. I have always used CraftArtist but since I really think it may eventually be...
  2. doglvr49

    Sad news

    We lost our beloved dog, Paris, today. She had chronic lung problems but had only been ill from them for about a month. It was difficult making the decision to let her go but we know she is in a better place. I know others of you have lost pets recently - it's never easy. :cry:
  3. doglvr49

    Message Count

    I've noticed that my message amount isn't progressing compared to the actual amount of pages that I've commented on. This isn't a huge deal to me but I know some people have goals in mind. I'm estimating it goes up maybe one for every four or five. When I click on the number it is listing all...
  4. doglvr49


    I got a message in my e-mail from something called Bigpond- there was a warning from my e-mail account. Just a heads up that this is no doubt bogus and links should not be clicked.
  5. doglvr49


    I understand the concept of the ATC but was wondering if one of my Craft Artist friends could tell me exactly how to create one in that program. Thanks!