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  1. The Grey

    The Grey

    I had a horse very much like this one....miss him so much...Image from Pexels and elements and papers made from the image ♥
  2. Anita

    Comment by 'Anita' in media 'Frosty Days'

    Gorgeous Norma ❤️
  3. Anita

    Comment by 'Anita' in media 'Tyler and the Snowman'

    Beautiful....well done on POTD and GSO xx
  4. Anita

    Comment by 'Anita' in media 'I don't want to hate'

    Fabulous ❤️
  5. Anita

    Comment by 'Anita' in media 'November colour challenge.jpg'

    beautiful Lindsay ❤️
  6. The Albert Hall

    The Albert Hall

    images from Pexels.....I have actually played a violin in an Orchestra in the Albert Hall many years ago now..... My dad had a Baby Grand piano...I passed all my practical exams on it...but unfortunately I had to sell it some years was sold to the ITV television for props... I do miss it ♥
  7. From One ...

    From One ...

    Image from Pexels....all the papers and elements made from the image in Craft Artist
  8. Anita

    Comment by 'Anita' in media 'DECORATE A FACE CHALLENGE'

    Amazing ...Love it Micheline xxx
  9. Comfy Cat

    Comfy Cat

    Image from Pexels...papers and elements from some of my kits.....used Decoupage in Craft Artist
  10. Anita

    November GSO 2021

    Thank you so much Karen xx
  11. Anita

    Comment by 'Anita' in media 'Romance'

    Wow..thank you Karen xxx
  12. Romance


    Images altered from Pexels..pngs and my own elements altered ..Papers my own and made in SPEditor
  13. Anita

    Comment by 'Anita' in media 'DANSE PASSION'

    Fabulous xx
  14. Light the Dark

    Light the Dark

    Image Pexels...My own kit ..'Light The Dark'
  15. Anita

    Comment by 'Anita' in media 'WINTER MAGIC'

    Beautiful ...Gorgeous Butterfly/Moth ♥♥
  16. Anita

    The Chocolate Box 2021: July - December

    Gorgeous Lacy Chocolates ♥♥
  17. Snoozing


    Image altered from Pexels...My own kit 'Cozy'
  18. Little Bird

    Little Bird

    image Pexel altered...pngs and my own papers
  19. Anita

    Comment by 'Anita' in media 'Magical time'

    Gorgeous Karen x
  20. Venice


    images pixabay altered in different programs..finished in Craft Artist