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  1. JA sig.jpg

    JA sig.jpg

    Elvina gift 01 Foxy Squirrel Font used Clarendon Lt BT
  2. SandraA

    CHALLENGES January Mood Board Challenge

    I was inspired by the colors blue & green the wintry background and the child. This is a picture of me and my oldest son took around 1989.
  3. January Mood Board.jpg

    January Mood Board.jpg

    Arctic; Butterfly Dsign, Benthai Creations, Antebellum Press, Aimee Harrison Designs, and Zesty Designs. Brisk January ADB Designs, Winter Hymn; Dhariana Scraps & Josie Scraps. Picture of me and my oldest son.
  4. SandraA

    CHALLENGES January Color Challenge

    Thank you, it's good to be back.
  5. January Color - Silver

    January Color - Silver

    2023 January Cover Template Scrapping with Liz, Winter Whites Digital Scrapbooking Studio, Siver Bell Xuxper Designs, White Christmas ML Designs. Image Shutterstock.Com
  6. SandraA

    Inactive members

    Actually, I found where Poppy asked the same question and was able to find out how to retrieve my product key from the link someone had given her. I hope to take part in challenges again soon. I miss all of you
  7. SandraA

    Does anyone know

    OK Poppy and Pekarokiki thanks for starting this thread as I was able to retrieve my Product key, so if I ever get a new computer hopefully I can install Craft Artist on it. Don't know if this will be any help to you now Pekarokiki as it has been a while since you asked the question but this is...
  8. SandraA

    Looking for craft-artist updates help

    Thanks Alfred this is what I am looking for I have lost my product key. Luckily my Craft Artist is working fine, but I am thinking of getting a new computer.
  9. SandraA

    Inactive members

    I understand and I hope to be able to participate again soon. I have a question for those of you who are familiar with Craft Artists. Not sure where to ask it so I'll just ask here. I have lost my product key. I am hoping to get a new computer and would like to install Craft Artist on it, but...
  10. SandraA

    Comment by 'SandraA' in media 'Plus One.jpg'

    Thank you for your kind words and for hosting the challenge it's lots of fun.
  11. SandraA

    Comment by 'SandraA' in media 'Plus One.jpg'

    Thank you
  12. SandraA

    CHALLENGES September Finish the Sentence plus one.
  13. Plus One.jpg

    Plus One.jpg

    Grateful Digital Scrapbooking Collaboration, Photographs Font used Arial Black. Template Time Capsule Volume 1 Scrapping with Liz
  14. SandraA

    Comment by 'SandraA' in media 'September Quote Challenge..'

    I love your wonderful woodsy page. Congrats on the GSO it was well deserved.