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  1. MemorialDay 23

    MemorialDay 23

    Sketch from Kythe for the June Sketch Challenge Sekada Designs, Red White Blue Bundle Karen Schulz, Chart Your Course Alpha Neia Scraps, Autumn Cuddle Alpha Neia Scraps, On The Shelf Alpha photo: mine
  2. wvsandy

    CHALLENGES June Signature Challenge

    Love seeing all of the siggies! Here is mine.
  3. me_2023-06-JASiggy.jpg


    June Siggie made with Rosie's Spring Waters and the Antrokasdemo font.
  4. wvsandy

    June 2023 Challenge Tracker.

    Me. 1 - Mix and Match 2 - Signature 3 - Sketch 4 -
  5. wvsandy

    CHALLENGES June Mix and Match challenge

    Thanks for the kit and challenge! I used it all.
  6. Hark - MixMatch June

    Hark - MixMatch June

    Kakleidesigns, June Mix and Match Challenge Kit font: Antrokasdemo
  7. Tree Frogs

    Tree Frogs

    Jen Maddocks, Forest Floor Bundle Jen Maddocks, Creative Canvas Templates No 38 12x12 font: Justus and Times New Roman photos: mine
  8. wvsandy

    GAMES Same Name Game

    upper class
  9. wvsandy

    Comment by 'wvsandy' in media 'Signature Challenge'

    Beautiful scene and colors.
  10. wvsandy

    Comment by 'wvsandy' in media 'Sleepy Head'

    I'm so glad that Mary chose your gorgeous layout for MC or I wouldn't have seen it. Wonderful inspirational work here! Congrats on GSO and MC!
  11. wvsandy

    CHALLENGES May ABC Fandango Challenge

    I bought that kit over two weeks ago so to me it is now an "old" stash. ;) Sorry about that. Next time I'll search for an "older" stash.
  12. wvsandy

    CHALLENGES May ABC Fandango Challenge

    For Part 2, I lifted Norma's fantasy LO, My Fairy Garden. And mine:
  13. wvsandy

    CHALLENGES May ABC Fandango Challenge

    I used the letter M for Mirror Mirror by A Whimsical Adventure.
  14. MirrorMirror


    Scraplift of Norma, My Fairy Garden A Whimsical Adventure, Mirror Mirror
  15. ABC Fandango-OnceUponATime

    ABC Fandango-OnceUponATime

    A Whimsical Adventure, Mirror Mirror photo: mine
  16. wvsandy

    QUESTION Your opinion on this?

    Speaking of shadows, my pet peeve is when several items in the kit are both beautifully shadowed IN DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS. Sorry for shouting. :ROFLMAO: I would like for a designer to indicate what direction she uses for shadows so it's easier to match. In templates, it would be wonderful if the...
  17. wvsandy

    CHALLENGES May Color Challenge

    Thank you for the challenge.
  18. Pink


    Lynn Grieveson, Someone Like You Bundle photo: mine
  19. wvsandy

    CHALLENGES May Clean and Simple Challenge

    Thanks, Mary, for the challenge!