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  1. Megsmum

    December Mood Board

    Thank you for the challenge
  2. Megsmum

    Rosie's Mini Kit Challenge

    ´Lovely kit thank you
  3. Megsmum

    Win a $10 gift certificate from Karen Schulz Designs

    1 Winter Wonderland storybook challenge 2 Altered photo challenge 3Clean 4 December mask 5 Don't forget 6 Font challenge 7 December quote 8...
  4. Megsmum


    I did update you all on my cancer diagnosis. Well I started chemotherapy last week. Feeling well enough today to try and scrap, going to focus on December challenges Take care
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    Win a $15 gift certificate from Kakleidesigns!

    1. Recipe Challenge hosted by Karen (Kakleidesigns) 2. Rosie's Mini Kit Challenge hosted by Rosie 3. Building My Page Challenge hosted by Karen (Kakleidesigns) 4. Bingo-Lift Challenge hosted by Karen (Kakleidesigns) 5. Template Challenge hosted by Karen (Kakleidesigns) 6. Mood Board...
  6. Megsmum

    Hello... update on health

    Hello everyone. I’ve been absent for a while. I had to have an operation last week to remove a lymph node from my neck. It is suspected cancer but I get results in the coming weeks. In the mean time I’m trying to focus on any positives I can and so I need to get back into scraping BUT I need a...
  7. Megsmum

    Sad times for Kim

    Sorry for your loss
  8. Megsmum

    Hello and apologies for not being engaged with this site but...

    Since arriving home in Spain after five months in the U.K., i Have been ill. I developed a blood clot in my jugular vein and then another one in my right arm. I am now waiting for an appointment with a specialist as they think it must be due to a form of cancer but due to covid appointments...
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    September 2020 Challenge Tracker

    I’m up and at em this month 1-Layering fun September challenge-(Hosting) 2-ANITA.Sept Mask Challenge 3-Mood Board September 4- Mystery doors September challenge-(Hosting) 5-Style challenge 6-Quote challenge 7-Storybook Illustrator Challenge 8-Cock and bull September challenge
  10. Megsmum

    So Sorry

    Bless you and no need to be sorry at all. Take care d x
  11. Megsmum

    Been MIA most of July

    thinking of you
  12. Megsmum

    PYP taking a break

    Nice to have a new challenge, change things up a bit xx
  13. Megsmum

    Very sad news.

    So sorry. My thoughts are with you all
  14. Megsmum

    not the homecoming I expected

    :cry: On Friday of last week, I was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a blood clot in my jugular vein. I felt ill when I was in the UK so all things considered was very lucky. I am in total shock, I am not overweight, do not drink or smoke, exercise regularly and basically have a...
  15. Megsmum

    Very sad news.

    Sad news. Thinking of you xx
  16. Megsmum

    My Surgery Update

    Poor you, pain is so very depressing. Keep going though, bit but bit you will improve
  17. Megsmum

    Going home... at last

    After five long months being in the U.K. I will be flying home to Spain on Saturday. It’s been a tough time, whilst on the one hand it’s been lovely spending time with my grandson etc but it’s hard being in someone else’s house, albeit ones daughters, not being in your own bed etc, but also...
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    July Progressive Scrap

    reposted due to spelling mistake!
  19. Megsmum

    torn papers

    Thank you so very much