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  1. WendyP

    Hey Everybody

    Not me, don’t do Facebook
  2. WendyP

    Hey Everybody

    For those who have missed me, I no longer do scrapbooking, but I do still read the comment on here daily, just don’t log in. I now do digital water colouring and drawing in Procreate which I find much more rewarding. Thank you for asking.
  3. WendyP

    Sad News

    Sending love and thoughts to you and your family at this very sad and terrible time. Stay strong and keep safe.
  4. WendyP


    is the mask made for Craft Artist or some other program? If it’s not for CA then you need to follow the video and use the erase feature for it to work properly. I had the same problem as you but it worked fine once I did as shown in the video.
  5. WendyP


    Craft artist on youtube shows you how to use and convert frames.
  6. WendyP

    Any Advice/tips or heads-up for me using an iPad?

    Mine is 11 inch screen. Still small but I managed to do several scrapbook pages on it.
  7. WendyP

    Any Advice/tips or heads-up for me using an iPad?

    I use Procreate to draw and paint. I watched several you tube videos to learn to use it. I have made several scrap pages using it as well. Quite easy once you’ve learnt the basics. I follow Genevieve, tatyworks and Art with Flo. All have very good tutorials on you tube. Affinity is very...
  8. WendyP

    Product keys

    You need to go to the Help menu. here you should find the registration menu where you enter the key. Sorry only on the iPad so can’t look at mine to tell you exactly.
  9. WendyP

    Really Sad News

    Sending love and best wishes to Rosie And Becky. So sad to hear of Rosies continued struggles with her health. I often think of her, especially when using one of her beautiful kits. I wish there was more we could do to help her.
  10. WendyP

    Really Sad News

    So shocked and saddened to hear this news. Thinking of Rosie and Becky at this time.
  11. WendyP

    Comment by 'WendyP' in media 'September Clean and Simple'

    Beautiful tribute grace. congratulations on page of the day
  12. WendyP

    CHALLENGES August 2022 Progressive Scrap

    Thank you for the challenge
  13. WendyP

    CHIT CHAT CHIT CHAT ... so what shall we talk about ? August.

    At last we have some rain! Lovely soft drizzly rain, not heavy thunderstorms yet thank goodness