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  1. Rollinchen

    Rollinchen's Weekly Gallery Picks - Week ending July 28th

    As always it is very difficult for me to choose one of the many fantastic pages that I like best! All pages are so amazing! But I chose a few more Margje with Forgive yourself I like her artistic design and how she edited the photo. Patricia mit JA-July Template Challenge I like her design and...
  2. Rollinchen

    Oktober 28 - Rollinchen's Gallery Picks

    Hi Guys, the gallery is always a feast for the eyes! The more difficult it is for me to just pick out a few layouts. All layouts are so fantastic and inspiring but here is my little selection "BEAUTIFUL FALL" by Migueline The layout is stunning, the great colors and the edited photo has catch...
  3. Rollinchen

    July 15th - Rollinchen's Gallery Picks

    First of all, let me tell you that it's not that easy to just select "a few" pages! The gallery here at Just Art is so awesome with so many different pages, it's hard to decide. Endless love by Margje The blending photo of the smaller photo is just fabulous and this "cheeky" grin has really...
  4. Rollinchen

    G & T Designs - Cluster Freebie

    2 Freebie Cluster using the Kit "JUST BEE"
  5. Rollinchen

    Hello from Germany

    Hello everybody, :-21 Now I have also landed here. :D Some know me definitely. I love digiteles scrapbooking, it is my passion / therapy. And I am a huge challenge fan. Thanks to Gina, I became aware of your challenges. I will definitely participate in one or the other challenge.