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  1. JodyT

    Disappearing again

    I am going to be off grid for a while, limited access, no power to run my puter much. Then I am off to China for two weeks, so I wont be around as much until into November. I will pop in .. in the next week when I can and upload if I can though.
  2. JodyT

    Gone again !

    Hi Robyn I will be away again totally from my computer from Monday 27 May to June 22. I hope nothing spectacular happens when I am away that I will miss.
  3. JodyT


    I am mostly out of internet for a while. Not a lot in outback Australia or up in the gulf.
  4. JodyT


    Robyn. I have a question, it might be asking a bit much but one can only ask. When I come to the challenges on the site, I read down the list to see if there are any new ones. Often there are not, sometimes there are. Is it possible for the challenges to be numbered as they are put up...
  5. JodyT

    Am I out of date?

    I have noticed over the last year of so that people call what they put up in the gallery .. pages. I think I am getting old. I have always called them layouts, probably from my working days? I am going to have to get into the habit of calling them pages as others do I think, I am starting to...
  6. JodyT

    Gone again

    Well friends and fellow scrappers. The time has come for me to disappear again from the site. I will be gone and travelling and will not be able to scrap again until probably the end of October. At that time I look forward to catching up on looking at all the beautiful layouts you will have...
  7. JodyT


    Tomorrow I am off traveling again.. so once more into the land of unknown internet. I will be on and off for a few months now. I am going to do my challenges when I can and upload as I can. Cheers to you all .....