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  1. SondraC

    November Mood Board

    Thank you Rosie for a great challenge https://forum.justartscrapbooking.com/gallery/november-mood-board.64679/
  2. November Mood Board

    November Mood Board

    Lynn Anzelc - Winter’s Spell kit, Snow Days kit
  3. SondraC

    November Challenge Tracker

    November mini kit challenge by Rosie November mini kit challenge by Karen P52 Popup: Masks and half tones November Mood Board
  4. SondraC

    Pop-Up Masks and Half-tones

    I love these masks, thank you Anita https://forum.justartscrapbooking.com/gallery/pop-up-masks-and-half-tones.64678/
  5. Pop-Up Masks and Half-tones

    Pop-Up Masks and Half-tones

    grandsons #3 and 4 Syndee Rogers - Painted Autumn collection Half Tone Mask by Anita
  6. SondraC

    Word of the Week (Nov. 3-9): Back

    Teddy our corgi https://forum.justartscrapbooking.com/gallery/p52-week-45-back.64675/full
  7. P52 Week 45: Back

    P52 Week 45: Back

    Our corgi Teddy Brandy Murry - Tupelo Collection Kakleidesigns - Stitch Me Up Template
  8. SondraC

    Comment by 'SondraC' in media 'SherryD_PYP _Nov2019w.jpg'

    Love Art Nouveau, this is a fabulous page
  9. Remembering Brigadoon

    Remembering Brigadoon

    Brandy Murry - One Yellow Paper collection, Grunge Block template journaling: The weather was spitting sleet and snow as we were driving along a two lane road in rural Maine when we passed a reconstructed village that looked to be a photographer’s dream. It was a serendipitous...
  10. SondraC

    Comment by 'SondraC' in media 'Tonight I celebrate'

    Lovely and your blending is wonderful
  11. SondraC

    Comment by 'SondraC' in media 'P52 Week 45: Back'

    Fabulous page, love your background paper
  12. SondraC

    Comment by 'SondraC' in media 'November Card Sketch - Animals'

    Darling page. Congrats on being featured.
  13. SondraC

    November Karen's mini kit challenge

  14. Karen's November minikit challenge

    Karen's November minikit challenge

    Kakleidesign Puzzling mini kit Morgue File photo
  15. SondraC

    Rosie's Mini Kit Challenge, November

    thank you Rosie https://forum.justartscrapbooking.com/gallery/november-rosie-minikit-challenge.64394/full
  16. November Rosie minikit challenge

    November Rosie minikit challenge

    Wild Winter mini-kit by Rosie winter graphics by Lynn Anzelc Pixabay photo
  17. SondraC

    Comment by 'SondraC' in media 'celebrate-autumn'

    Great photo and memory of Cooper, it breaks your heart to lose them I know. We lost 3 pets in one year. Love your clusters.
  18. SondraC

    Comment by 'SondraC' in media 'PS October 19 Step 5'

    Love your photos and clusters, great job.
  19. First Snow

    First Snow

    CarolW Design - First Snow Template, First Snow Collection personal photo
  20. First Snow

    First Snow

    CarolW Design - First Snow Collection personal photo