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  1. Pekarokiki

    Gallery Picks - Week Ending November 3rd

    We say this every time but it is so hard to choose from such an amazing gallery......especially at the beginning of the month when everybody is submitting their gorgeous creations for the new month's challenges.... A decision had to be made and these are my final choices for this week but, every...
  2. Pekarokiki

    Progressive Scrap August

    Just to let you know, rather than bog down the challenge thread with my replies, I will 'like' your pages as you post them and then I'll comment in the gallery so, can you please ensure you put the link in. :-62
  3. Pekarokiki

    August Progressive Scrap

    Hello everybody, it’s that time and, once again, I’m following on from Anne’s brilliant progressive ...... nothing as artistic this month but I know that whatever instructions you are all given, you follow them and then some and your end results are always a-mazing ❤❤ I hope you’ll join in with...
  4. Pekarokiki

    August Challenges

    Wow, I know we’re a day later here in the UK but still cannot believe that already there are 11 challenges up for August :-61 I am determined, after being absent on and off for a few months now that I‘m going to finish July’s challenges so I guess I need to crack on.....and fast :-16 😂 Well...
  5. Pekarokiki

    Help Please....Signature Size

    Any help here would be greatly appreciated......I’m trying to get my signature smaller...am I having a senior moment?? I’ve resized but obviously the smaller I go the blurrier it gets and the actual ‘overall’ size remains the same - it just looks so big on the page. How do you all save your digits?
  6. Pekarokiki

    Backwards & Forwards

    So I've been absent again, for good reason.... our youngest son's graduation👨‍🎓. Obviously very proud parents and at Canterbury Cathedral so an absolute brilliant venue too. I was all ready to continue with Ann's Progressive Scrap on Friday after our return but sadly, we are now in A&E with the...
  7. Pekarokiki

    Back to Normal.....Almost 🥴

    Again I’ve been absent for a while, firstly during May & most of June I was trying to give support to my daughter during her A Level exams - my support being the shoulder to cry on, the feeder and pacifier etc etc .....thank goodness they’re now over 🎉🎉🎉 and then we went on holiday and have just...
  8. Pekarokiki

    Gallery Calendar

    Is there an option to view specific days in the gallery as in the old gallery where we could click on the calendar? I've been looking around but may be missing something!
  9. Pekarokiki

    Hit & Miss in April

    I’m another who’s presence here will be hit and miss for April. I’m going to Spain Wednesday until Sunday to visit my uncle who sadly has C and time is short 😪😪 and then on my return I’m on Jury Service for 2 weeks. I will be popping in and out and really hope to get some...
  10. Pekarokiki

    Nothing To Do With Scrapping

    I just heard this and really wanted to share it.....Acapella group Pentatonix singing The Sound of Silence...gave me goosebumps!! https://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=YYZGKPNX&utm_content=bufferb121c&utm_medium=fbpage&utm_source=gvpg&utm_campaign=gvupdate Hope you can watch it
  11. Pekarokiki

    Problems with Internet

    I know Google have been having problems the last couple of days with outages - affecting Facebook, Twitter and all the Google services but, is anybody else having problems with others?? Because of the problems with Google I am using Safari but it is really laggy and keeps timing out.....are the...
  12. Pekarokiki

    Pekarokiki's Weekly Gallery Picks - week ending March 10th

    Oh my goodness 318 pages in the last 7 days...all absolutely amazing and I truly love them all. But I can only choose 10 🙈🙈 I whittled them down to 88 :rolleyes: and looked and looked and looked again. All of you ladies are so so talented and each of you bring something different and...
  13. Pekarokiki

    Progressive Scrap March

    Hello everybody - I hope you’ll join in on this months progressive Scrap with me. I have been worrying about this after the last 2 brilliant PS’s hosted by Anne & Vivi and have concluded that maybe our brains need an easy one this month - if the truth be known, I cannot think up anything...
  14. Pekarokiki

    Home Page

    The Home Page is looking great Robyn. I really like the Gallery Eye Catchers and have just noticed the Forum Chatter box. Everything is looking lovely and fresh. Thank you for all your hard work x
  15. Pekarokiki

    Free Font Bundle

    25 Fonts from 15 font families for free....all you have to do is share on either Facebook or Twitter and then you can download them. https://thehungryjpeg.com/free-font-...3oXBvzYaluswaY
  16. Pekarokiki

    Amazing Gallery - Submissions & Comments

    You turn your back in here for just a short while and bang, those beautiful pages just mount up and then all I can do to catch up is just look at them all....you ladies are so talented here not only with your hands but your brains must be in artsy mode full time...it takes me sometimes days to...
  17. Pekarokiki

    Box of Chocolates

    Loving the new fun addition Robyn - like a little mystery tab 🤩 and I’m always chuffed and honoured when I see one of my own pages showing somewhere in this wonderful place - thank you and hope you’re feeling better!!
  18. Pekarokiki


    I’ve only been able to pop in and out of here for the last week or so because of internet problems (hopefully now fixed) and I’m only now looking through the gallery properly ...... Oh my goodness, so many gorgeous LOs - I know that’s really not unusual here but the talent of each and...
  19. Pekarokiki

    Week of Hell - Prayers Needed

    Sorry to bring the mood down again but it seems that somebody out there is reigning down the worst on my family and we’re praying it will stop. It started at 3am on Tuesday morning when I received a call from my DIL, my son was in agony with stomach & back pain and, after speaking to an...
  20. Pekarokiki

    Hello Everybody 👋🏼👋🏼

    Hella everybody....firstly a very belated Merry Xmas & Happy New Year to you all...I feel like I’ve been gone forever and apologies for just disappearing but it was time out doing nothing but concentrating on the family and me that I desperately needed. I’ve missed scrapping and especially...