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  1. wombat146

    Hello everyone!!! I am back! :)

    LOL!! Hey everyone! I am finally back into a more settled routine and finally have some time to just sit and visit some friends!!! :) As an update, we finally bought a house down here in Tasmania and have finally moved in on Aug 6th. Have been really busy settling in and FINALLY unpacking some...
  2. wombat146

    Update on Tassie life! :)

    Hi everyone, as some of you know our move down to Tasmania turned into a bit of a nightmare but I am happy to say that things are FINALLY looking up! We sold the property at Sisters Beach and had to move out pronto at the beginning of Dec. Things were getting quite stressful and hubby (who...
  3. wombat146

    NEW Sept Deconstruct Layout .................

    If anyone is interested I have just posted a new How I created........ tutorial for the layout that Mary nominated. https://forum.justartscrapbooking.com/forum/tips-techniques-and-tutorials/how-did-i-create-this-layout/117068-sept-2018-how-did-i-create-this-layout-3
  4. wombat146

    SEPT 2018 How did I create this layout? #3

    Hi everyone, it's a cold and blustery afternoon down here in Tassie so I am sitting here in a warm spot with a few moments to spare and thought I would share my process on how I created this layout, YOU BELONG TO THE CITY, nominated by Mary for me to de-construct. While the layout may look...
  5. wombat146

    Second July Deconstruct tutorial if you are interested :)

    Hi everyone, I did a second deconstruct tutorial on a layout that was nominated by Diane (aka Diane's Art) HERE I had a few moments so thought I would cover this one as it was such a simple layout to do. :) The tutorial is HERE
  6. wombat146

    JULY 2018 - How did I create this Layout? #2

    Hi everyone! I had a few moments up my sleeve today so I thought I would take you through the steps I used to create the TODAY layout (shown below) that Diane asked about HERE. Note: My screen shots may look a bit different to my original layout as I had already merged a few layers together and...
  7. wombat146

    July 2018 - how did i create this layout?

    Hi everyone, I am kicking off our 're-construct' series where Marianne and I will go through the steps of how we actually created a layout. Some of you have already nominated some layouts (from this thread HERE and this month I am starting with a layout that was nominated by Maaike entitled I AM...
  8. wombat146

    Nominate some layouts for Marianne and I to 'deconstruct'.

    Hi everyone, Marianne (aka margje) and I will be taking turns to post here each month with steps on how we created specific pages. If there is a specific layout you would like us to 'deconstruct', explaining the process we took to create it, then please post it here. Marianne's Gallery...
  9. wombat146

    Layout of the Week and Weekly Gallery picks

    Hey all, I just popped into the LOTW and Weekly Gallery picks rosters to write down the dates I volunteered for and they both have 'discontinued' written on them? Did I miss a memo? or am I going more bonkers than usual? :-13
  10. wombat146

    Hi everyone!!!! :) *waving*

    Thought I would pop in and say hello while I had the chance! :) I have been MIA from the scrapping world for a few weeks and am slowly making my way back! As some of you know we are moving to Tasmania to live and I have been extremely busy these last months packing up our house of 21 years to...
  11. wombat146

    Sad news for us this week.....

    Our oldest dog, Chewie (short for Chewbacca ) of nearly 16 years passed away at the beginning of this week. We are devastated to say the least He was hubby's mate first and foremost and used to go everywhere with him when he was driving trucks, his tractor or excavator, even the motorbike...
  12. wombat146

    UPDATE on my move to Tassie! :)

    April has been a VERY busy month for me here! I have been packing, packing and doing more packing! LOL! The quote to move our furniture and belongings to Tassie was around $10,000 using a shipping container. The negative side of that is that the company would drop the container off at our new...
  13. wombat146

    Some sad news for me .........................

    Just wanted to share my sad news with you all.......................... I found out yesterday that a close friend from childhood days passed away last Friday! Not sure of the full story as to how she died, but it seems she became ill with an infection after coming home from a cruise with her...
  14. wombat146

    New adventure coming up........................... :)

    So a few people already know that hubs and I are moving to Tasmania!!!!! Watch out Robyn!!!! lol!!! We have been on our small property for 21 years and I have lived in the district for close to 41 years and I guess we both just felt we needed a change. First the foremost the summers are...
  15. wombat146

    Creating a Separate Drop Shadow Layer in PSE (all versions)

    Robyn, or Admin, could you please delete this thread. I posted this tutorial by mistake, forgetting I had posted it ages ago! lol! thanks.
  16. wombat146

    Creative Technique Challenge| Using Non Destructive Dodge and Burn

    Hi everyone! Better late than never as they say! :) I was going to post this last month and before I knew it August was just about over.............. and well, looks like I nearly slept through September as well! lol! But, I made it!!! I have posted a tutorial here in the forum, sharing a...
  17. wombat146

    Tutorial: Non destructive dodge and burn

    With the Dodge and Burn tools you need to be working on the actual layer which isn't very helpful if you need to start again. Using the Fill Layer @ 50% Gray technique is a quick and easy way to get the same effect, and you are working on a separate layer so you can always get rid of it and...
  18. wombat146

    August 8 - Digital Scrapbook Tutorial | Blending with Multi Layers

    Hi everyone :) This is the latest tutorial on the Captivated Visions blog where I demonstrate how to layer several layers together with different types of masking and using layer blend modes. Click the tutorial preview image below to go to Rachel's blog :)
  19. wombat146

    July 25 - Digital Scrapbook Tutorial | Using Blend Modes

    Hey everyone, there is a new tutorial on the Captivated Visions blog if you want to check it out sometime :) This one is about the basics of using blend modes. Note: The image is linked to the tutorial on Rachel's blog.
  20. wombat146

    July 18 - Digital Scrapbook Tutorial | Using Masks to Blend

    New tutorial on the Captivated Visions blog. It's a follow on from the previous tutorials on masks and I take you through my scrapping process for this page by deconstructing my page. Hope you pop over to have a look and as always, if you have any questions then please ask away! :) Link to...