1. Heron


    My Happy Place Collection et designs Photo Pixabay (altered by me in Photoshop) Font Abys
  2. smell the flowers

    smell the flowers

    created with "Double Dips" Botanical Bliss by Heartstrings Scrap Art and Tracey B Creations @ digital scrapbooking studio
  3. July 2020 PYP2.jpg

    July 2020 PYP2.jpg

    Kaklei Designs: Golden, Glowing Hearts, Boy Photo taken by me Font: Blunder Sticky
  4. birds of a feather flock together

    birds of a feather flock together

    created with Cerulian Seranade Mystery Kit by Rosie's Designs @ E-scape and Scrap
  5. Bohemian birds

    Bohemian birds

    Rosie's Minikit Challenge Minikit Bohemian Birds by Rosie
  6. April 2020 Mood Board Challenge.jpg

    April 2020 Mood Board Challenge.jpg

    Photos taken by me. Rosie Design's Lilacs and Wine kit, Dutch Design mask Fonts: 29 Days by Marsnev
  7. be calm in the storm

    be calm in the storm

    created with Elysian by Synergy Ink @ Digital Scrapbooking Studio
  8. choose positivity

    choose positivity

    created with a variety of kits by Paula Kesselring @ the lilypad
  9. Spring Crown

    Spring Crown

    created with the Spring Forward Mega Kit from Digital Scrapbooking Studio.
  10. find beauty in whatever you do

    find beauty in whatever you do

    created using Between Colors Collection by Dutch Dream Designs @ Escapes and Scrap *ct layout
  11. Soar


    created with The Mill Pond by Rosie Designs @ E-scape & Scrap
  12. focus on the good

    focus on the good

    created with Retrieve by Kakleidesigns - E-Scape and Scrap
  13. Colorful Bird

    Colorful Bird

    Photo: Colorful bird from Free stock photos/Author: Tambako The Jaguar - (to which I added effects) Papers & elements from provided mix-n-match mini byKakleidesigns
  14. seek magic everyday

    seek magic everyday

    created with Crunchy Leaves by Chunlin Designs @ Pickleberry Pop
  15. It whispered to me

    It whispered to me

    G & T DESIGNS BIRDS AND THE BEES<br /><br />Photo Pixabay
  16. C&S Style - March 2019 Challenge

    C&S Style - March 2019 Challenge

    Since my first attempt at this challenge did not correctly meet the specifications, this is my redo version.  My first attempt has been moved and renamed.   Papers & flowers by Lina Dragani, LDrag Designs (kit=Twisted Tangerine).<br /><br /
  17. Flowers On Earth

    Flowers On Earth

    Monthly challenge entry for 'Flower Power' by Burb.. Photo is from a Android royalty free wallpaper app. No kits used, all the clusters are made by me in Photoshop cc 2018.
  18. F - flamingo

    F - flamingo

    Flamingos .... love these great big pink birds .. not the plastic ones though ... they creep me out lol 
  19. letters from home

    letters from home

    latest AWAKE exercise ....
  20. Vanmorgen vloog ze nog

    Vanmorgen vloog ze nog

    Credits: PGD_beautiful_dreams, SPPP_MixedMediaMinikit, HSA_12Months_Spring, HDA_12Months_Spring, photo makamuki0 on pixabay, text "Vanmorgen vloog ze nog" Dimitri Frenkel Frank/Robert Long. translation found on internet : This morning she still flew Free and unhindered, elegant, so high majestic