1. Austen - Skate

    Austen - Skate

    Supplies: Skate and Roll by Lilach Oren Font: CK Urban Photos: personal
  2. Cat n Lauren

    Cat n Lauren

    Supplies: all by Anna Aspnes Font: Stellar Bold Photo: personal
  3. Jenn n Ryan - July 2021

    Jenn n Ryan - July 2021

    Supplies: This Is Now by Rachel Jefferies Font: Mom's Typewriter Photo: personal
  4. International Cat Day

    International Cat Day

    Supplies: Forgotten World by ViVa Artistry Petal Splatter by Foxeysquirrel Font: FZ SCRIPT 7 Photo: personal
  5. Jen Fun With Sculptures

    Jen Fun With Sculptures

    Supplies: The Road To Bali by ViVa Artistry Fonts: Redressed, Stellar Medium Photos: personal
  6. LO-Template - 08_2022

    LO-Template - 08_2022

    Supplies: Forever Love Collection by Lilach Oren Template: Challenge Freebie by Lilach Oren Photos: Pixabay
  7. Flower - Today

    Flower - Today

    Supplies: Today Mini Kit by Palvinka Designs
  8. Stony Sunset - June-2022

    Stony Sunset - June-2022

    Supplies: Forgotten World by ViVa Artistry Font: CK Magnificent Photo: personal
  9. Mothers Day

    Mothers Day

    Supplies: Yesterday Is Here Collection by Dutch Dream Designs Font: Calorie - Regular Photo: personal
  10. Jen n Kayla - Zion

    Jen n Kayla - Zion

    Supplies: Trail Adventures By Heather T. Font: Remington Noiseless Photo: personal
  11. AJ - Choose Joy

    AJ - Choose Joy

    Supplies: Choose Joy Bundle by Lorie M Designs Font: Stellar Bold Photo: personal
  12. Roses--Copycat-07_2022


    Supplies: Inspi(art)ion Collection by Simplette Photo: personal
  13. Happy 4th

    Happy 4th

    Supplies: Positivity by Lynn Grieveson Fonts: CK Retro Block, Broken 15 Photo: personal
  14. Beachy


    Supplies: Beach Feet Collection by Heather T. Photo: personal
  15. Elysium


    Supplies: Vita Bella Add-on 1 by ViVa Artistry Lyrics: Elysium by Lisa Gerrard Photo: Pixabay Font: Mistral
  16. VR - July 2022

    VR - July 2022

    Supplies: Junque Journal 02 by Vicki Robinson
  17. Catified


    Supplies: Catified by On A Whimsical Adventure Font: Stellar Photo: personal
  18. Becca-n-Sarah - 1996

    Becca-n-Sarah - 1996

    Supplies: Pieces of the Past by Dutch Dream Designs Photo: personal
  19. Dino Adventure

    Dino Adventure

    Supplies: Prehistoric by CRK Designs Font: Pea Kathy Photo: personal
  20. Seashell Passion

    Seashell Passion

    Supplies: Seashell Passion by Xuxper Designs Photo: Pixabay (edited)