1. Love You Forever

    Love You Forever

    From Rachel Jefferies and Anita Designs Hey Mr. Kit Hey Mr. Mixed Media Elements Hey Mr. Templates Part of FF 05/17 @ The Lilypad Fonts: Mom's Typewriter and Somekind Photo is my own
  2. Just the Beginning

    Just the Beginning

    Created with Hear My Voice 23 - Becoming The Complete Digital Scrapbooking Collection from Lynn Grieveson and Rachel Jefferies | The Lilypad Part of FF 05/17
  3. Chop


    Created with Carpe Diem Bundle from Kim Jensen Designs Part of SOSN 05/15 at The Lilypad Photos are my own.
  4. Frolicking


    I took these photos a while back of this little girl at the beach. She was so cute with that floppy hat and all I couldn't resist. Down at the Shore Bundle by TraceyB Creations
  5. And the story began like this...

    And the story began like this...

    Untold Story Collection by Lynne Anzelc Designs and Cheryl Budden
  6. Footprints on the Moon

    Footprints on the Moon

    Created with the Solar Eclipse Collection Bundle from mixed media by erin | Oscraps Font is Somekind
  7. Down by the Sea

    Down by the Sea

    Down at the Shore – Bundle by TraceyB Creations Photos Pexels
  8. Life in Color

    Life in Color

    Artist at Work May 2024 Anthology Flex Traditional by Thaliris Designs Photo Pixabay
  9. Self Portrait

    Self Portrait

    Artist at Work Templates by Heartstrings Scrap Art Templates Artist at Work May 2024 Anthology Flex Traditional by Thaliris Designs Photos Pixabay
  10. Trust in Yourself

    Trust in Yourself

    Created with the Incomparable: Money Saving Bundle from Rachel Jefferies Part of SOSN 05/08 at The Lilypad
  11. Extremes


    Credits: Color Crush 73 Shabby Florals from Joyful Heart Designs Obsessed Word Art from mixed media by erin Sketches 3 Iris Flowers from Christine Art Part of the April Color Play at Oscraps
  12. Make your World Full of Color

    Make your World Full of Color

    Colorful Vision Collection by Dutch Dream Designs Photo Pixabay
  13. Story Time!

    Story Time!

    Pre-Release for newsletter subcribers! Coming soon…Untold Story…from Lynne Anzelc and Cheryl Budden
  14. Me in 2013

    Me in 2013

    Petal Power iNSD Grab Bag from Joyce Paul Designs | The Lilypad Font is Birdhouse Script Photo by David Siebert
  15. Love Us

    Love Us

    Credits: Artful Memories Spring Digital Art Kit by Vicki Robinson | Oscraps Wedding photo from Roger Bee Photography. I own the negatives
  16. David Frostproof 2013

    David Frostproof 2013

    Created with Gateway to Summer Bundle from Joyce Paul Designs Part of the May 2024 BYOC at The Lilypad
  17. To the Forest

    To the Forest

    Enchanted Forest: May 2024 Artsy Anthology Flex Collection by Jen Maddocks Designs and Heartstrings Scrap Art Photo Pixabay
  18. Spring Look

    Spring Look

    May iNSD Grab Bag by Kakleidesigns Photo Pixabay
  19. Loving the Sea

    Loving the Sea

    Seafoam Bundle by et designs Photo Pixabay
  20. Cheer Up!

    Cheer Up!

    I just had to use this cow paper. It was too awesome not to be used. Created with the Cheer Up Buttercup Collection from Rainbow of Greys Designs