1. jPA_Think & Grow

    jPA_Think & Grow

    "What you think on - GrowS" Created using: LJS Designs' "A Spring Day - FWP" and "Flowers Add-On". Kristen Cronin-Barrow's "Blue Skies Ahead". Studio Basic & Micheline Lincoln Design Collab "Be Positive". Studio Basic's "A New Chapter Begins". Studio Basic & Creative Vision Collab "Negative...
  2. jPA_Outside the Box

    jPA_Outside the Box

    "Some people will only love you if you fit inside their box. ~don't be afraid to shove that box up their @$$~ Created using Holliewood Studios' "Modern Boho".
  3. jPA_This Face

    jPA_This Face

    "This face will always be the most beautiful face in the world to me. This face is an echo of the man we both love so very much, even now that he isn’t so immediately near. This face is a representation of his and my love and of all the hopes, dreams, potential, goodness and light we believe...
  4. jPA_let it go

    jPA_let it go

    A reminder to just breathe and let it all go. Created using: Studio Basic's "Free Your Mind", "4 Season", "If Things Were Different", "A New Chapter Begins", "A Case of the Blahs", "Be Whatever You Want To Be", "About a Boy", "About a Girl", "Grow Through It", "Studio Favorites - Stitches ii"...
  5. jPA_Dream Big

    jPA_Dream Big

    "Everyday, right before my eyes, I can see you blossoming into a woman. Your whole life is at your feet, you've only to believe and go for it. Dream Big, my girl. Dream Big!" Created using Studio Basic's "Daydreamer" Freebie and kit as well as Studio Basic's and Kristen Cronin-Barrow's Collab...
  6. jPA_DANCE in your Greatness

    jPA_DANCE in your Greatness

    Dance in your own Greatness! Created for an X composition challenge using: Studio Basic's "Courage Little One", Studio Basic & Rachel Jeffries Collabs "Silent Battles - Stress", "Trust the Journey - Thrive", Studio Basic & Kristen Cronin Barrow's Collabs "Note to Self: Over It", "Your Feelings...
  7. jPA_Pondering Prosperity

    jPA_Pondering Prosperity

    When I think of money where prosperity is concerned, I realize I am more affected negatively by the absence of money than I am affected positively by having more. I, of course, like the ease & spontaneity money offers and the generosity it affords. But when I am seriously in the hole, I am...
  8. jPA_Golden Moments

    jPA_Golden Moments

    The Golden Hour and that Golden Glow. Zoey being bathed in the setting sun on a Golden Day. aaaahhh... Life is SO Good! ~Caddo Lake - April 2020~ Created for Mary's 'Big Pic Challenge' Created using Studio Basic's "For the Record", "Four Seasons", "Artsy Touch of Spring", "Bright Sunshiney...
  9. jPA_Quilted Spring

    jPA_Quilted Spring

    I took some typical quilting patterns and created this whimsical Spring scene - because I'm just so ready for new life & color! 2020 felt like one long grey winter - no matter what the temperatures. Created using: Erica Zane's "Piece by Piece, vol 26 Templates". Studio Basic's "Four Seasons"...
  10. jPA_18th Birthday

    jPA_18th Birthday

    A shot from my dot's (pandemic) 18th birthday last July. Created using: Anna Aspnes' "APP Sea Life", "APP Wander 1", "APP Wander 2", "ScriptTease Summer Overlays 1", "Stitched by Anna, Fall mix 2", "Simple Foto Blendz 1", "Faded Words, Celebrate 1", "Stained Glows 1", "Framed Masks 2", &...
  11. jPA_CAUTION! Yellow!

    jPA_CAUTION! Yellow!

    I have these wonderful shots of my dot in a field of yellow wildflowers - and decided to do a selective color photo treatment. So I selected out the yellows of my dot & the wildflowers - and then limited my palette to only B&W&Yellow. After I left it for a little while and came back to it, I...
  12. jPA_fly high

    jPA_fly high

    Another altered big pic of my dot. Mary unleashed something in me with these big photo challenges. I shied away from them for so long. Now I love playing with my shots out of my 'real cameras'. Created using Studio Basic & Kristen Cronin Barrow's "Note to Self - Free Your Mind - Collab" and...
  13. jPA - Trust the Journey

    jPA - Trust the Journey

    Some shots of my dot from last March. Created using Studio Basic's "Trust the Journey - Stay Patient", "Trust the Journey - Thrive". The Nifty Pixel & Lynn Grieveson's "ARtful Starters 3".
  14. jPA_Big Pic Challenge '21 March

    jPA_Big Pic Challenge '21 March

    Going for that sublime sunny summer day feeling. An altered photo of my dot from last summer. Created using Studio Basic's "You'll Be In My Heart", "A New Chapter Begins", "Bright Sunshiney Day", "Sunday & Sunshine", "For The Record", "Four Seasons", "Courage Little One". Anna Aspnes' "Lost".
  15. jPA_Epic Friendship

    jPA_Epic Friendship

    Epic Zoey & Liberty have been best friends since they were 4 years old. Here they are, 13 years later and as EPIC a FRIENDSHIP as ever. They are friendship goals. 2 peas in a pod. TROUBLE! Created using: Simple Pleasure Designs' "What Little Girls Are Made Of", "Juxtaposition", "All the Little...
  16. jPA_#QT


    My daughter last May. Created using Digilicious "Stuck On You". Studio Basic's "The Coziest", "Bookaholic". Jocee Designs' "Thank You For the Music". Katie Pertiet's Template #800.
  17. jPA_Queen Savage

    jPA_Queen Savage

    "She is a Queen with a Side of Savage." ©Patty Anne Henderson aka ©justPattyAnne Created using Holliewood Studios' fun new " Collage Capers 7 - Queens" as well as "Goddess" (tiger), "Believe" (flowers), "Flight of Fancy" (background), and "Light Leaks" (all that yummy atmosphere).
  18. jPA_Queen of Spades

    jPA_Queen of Spades

    I had some fun creating the Queen's playing cards... this my Queen of Spades. ©justPattyAnne aka ©Patty Anne Henderson Created using Holliewood Studios' "Collage Capers 7 - Queens".
  19. jPA_Queen of Clubs

    jPA_Queen of Clubs

    I had some fun creating the Queen's playing cards... this my Queen of Clubs. ©justPattyAnne aka ©Patty Anne Henderson Created using Holliewood Studios' "Collage Capers 7 - Queens".
  20. jPA_My Rainbow

    jPA_My Rainbow

    Create your own Sunshine & Carry your own Rainbows That is our philosophy when circumstances aren’t their best. Like when the entire state is in lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic that is taking the world by storm. Lockdown meant all the tourists left and we had our scenic part of the world...