1. Moni

    FREEBIES Hello, summer!

    I made a new summer kit, a freebie. DOWNLOAD from here: https://photoimpact-tutorials.blogspot.com/
  2. jPA_Moody Blues

    jPA_Moody Blues

    My Sunday Goals Created using: Erica Zane Designs' "Changes", "Attitude Adjustment", "Bed Hair", "Adulting", "A Story to Tell" River Rose Designs' "Messy"
  3. jPA_Patchwork Girls

    jPA_Patchwork Girls

    Zoey and Liberty, her BFF of 15 years, out for an impromptu photoshoot and tons of girlie gossip & giggling. Created using: Tracie Stroud's "The Collector", "Love it Hate it" Studio Basic Designs' "Unspoken Words", "Alone & Okay", "Yesterday Was Heavy", "True Friends" Tracy Reed's "Stay Home...
  4. jPA_Tic Tac Zo

    jPA_Tic Tac Zo

    My girl playing in her make-up and me playing with my camera - all tied up in a tic tac toe design. Created using: WendyP Designs' "Hey Tough Guy" Tracie Stroud's "Love It Hate It", "CU Collaged Ephemera 2" Studio Basic Designs' "A Small Victories Kind of Day", "Silent Battles - Exhaustion"...
  5. jPA-Our MasterPiece

    jPA-Our MasterPiece

    I've been playing in some more artsy sort of photo treatments and thought I'd put them in a gallery setting. Created using: Simple Pleasures Designs' "Breathe" Ponytails Designs' "Free Spirit" Clever Monkey Graphics' "Toasting the Day" Studio Flergs' "DreamCatcher", "Claus & Co." Digital...
  6. jPA-Snowmageddon


    "We get snow so seldom, that it felt like a miracle of sorts when we got over a foot in a few days’ time. It was a beautiful wet snow that blanketed our world like you see in storybooks, but never here in NE Texas. I enjoyed the cold, but it did bring the state’s power grid to a halt."...
  7. jPA_PEACE for 2022

    jPA_PEACE for 2022

    Wishing everyone so much PEACE for 2022! Created using NLD Designs' "Peaceful Feeling".
  8. jPA_Philanthropy of Kindness

    jPA_Philanthropy of Kindness

    "Sometimes, when we are generous in small, barely detectable ways, it can change someone else's life forever." ~Margaret Cho~ This is about kindness and individual acts of kindness as a form of philanthropy. My life has been graced and saved many a time by just such acts of kindness - things...
  9. jPA_Gift of Music

    jPA_Gift of Music

    My favorite gift, received or given, is MUSIC! I feel it is a gift from God or the Universe with its notes of love, of truth, of commiseration, of celebration, of all this life has to offer. Music is the gift that brought me my people, my husband, the world. Music is also the gift I most love to...
  10. jPA_Carry Sunshine

    jPA_Carry Sunshine

    "Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine." ~Anthony J. D'Angelo~ My dot & I EXCEL at making the best of it - when absolutely everything goes wrong, we find our way to humor and making a new adventure pretty darn quick. Whether it is weeks & months in the hospital...
  11. jPA - Christmas Lights

    jPA - Christmas Lights

    Our tree - and giant teddy bear. Created using: Studio Flergs' "Claus & Co", "One Magic Night". Digital Scrapbook Ingredients' "Farmhouse Christmas". The Nifty Pixels' "Berry & Fawn" & "Night Before". Simple Pleasures Designs' "A Cozy Day", "Retro Christmas Records". Traci Reed's "Stay Home...
  12. jPA_Asymmetrical Dots

    jPA_Asymmetrical Dots

    My granddot & dot during one of our Dallas trips of shopping, make-up, sushi and music, music, music. Created using: Amanda Yi's "Soy Into You". Blagovesta Designs' "Busy Day", "Mamarazzi". Digi Scrapbook Ingredients' "Together". Lliella Designs' "Keep The Faith". Studio Basic Designs' "Find...
  13. jPA - Music in Red

    jPA - Music in Red

    "Music has been there for me my whole life, to celebrate the highs and to commiserate the lows. I met my late hubby because of music and we then had Zoey. Music brought me the world as we toured the U.S., Europe & Scandinavia sharing his music with fans everywhere. Music truly is the universal...
  14. jPA - These Eyes...

    jPA - These Eyes...

    This is for Mary's Dec Clean & Simple Challenge. Eyes are my dot's ... the line around the outside is actually my journaling in 8pt type. Created using: The Nifty Pixels' "On the Edge 2 Template". Sweet Shoppe Designers Collab "It's My Birthday Too". Studio Basic Designs' "Note to Self -...
  15. jPA - Zoey Holiday

    jPA - Zoey Holiday

    Some shots of my dot around our quaint historic town. The Nifty Pixels' "Night Before Page Drafts", "A Bush Christmas", "Night Before", "Berry & Fawn". Simple Pleasures Designs' "Retro Christmas". Digital Scrapbook Ingredients' "Farmhouse Christmas". Kristen Cronin Barrow's "Tis the Season for...
  16. jPA_Dec Progressive Final

    jPA_Dec Progressive Final

    This is my final step for the Dec. Progressive Scrap as hosted and encouraged by Karen of Kaklei Designs. Thank you, Karen!!! Thank you so very much! Created using: The Nifty Pixels' "Remember Them", "Keepsakes". Simple Pleasures Designs' "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "A Bee-utiful Day", "A...
  17. jPA_Backyard Friends

    jPA_Backyard Friends

    Deer are such a common part of our world here in my neck of the Piney Woods in NE Texas, that it's an odd thing to not see them during any given day. It's such a joy to be able to look out the window and seem them in our yard. The 2 in the blended photo were in our backyard. For Mary & Grace's...
  18. jPA_SSDChall_2112_NaughtyUp.jpg


    We fall more in the 'we tried' side of Santa's list, so the "Naughty List" kit is perfect to represent our household! ;-) Created using: Meagan's Creations "Naughty List". Simple Pleasures Designs' "Love Potion". SSD Collab "Man Cave". Wendy P's "Hey Tough Guy". The Nifty Pixels' "All You Need...
  19. jPA_Be Blessed

    jPA_Be Blessed

    Created using: The Nifty Pixel's "An Autumn Tale", "Gunkel's Apothecary". Simple Pleasures Designs' "Hope is the Thing with Feathers".
  20. jPA_Exquisite Pain

    jPA_Exquisite Pain

    This Exquisite Pain was born out of loving him and then losing him. We got our 'Happily Ever After', it just didn't last nearly as long as we had hoped. The love and relationships don't end when a life ends. They live on and will always be a part of me and my life. So, this exquisite pain is a...