1. September finish the sentence plus 1.jpg

    September finish the sentence plus 1.jpg

    Challenge hosted by Poppy Image my own Kit used is from Jumpstart Designs - Bring in Spring Washi Tape is from Pngtree Inspiration came from a layout done by Moni
  2. september ABC fandango.jpg

    september ABC fandango.jpg

    Challenge hosted by Everything Erica Kit used from JSD - Richness of Life Image my own
  3. P52 - Week 35 - Tradition.jpg

    P52 - Week 35 - Tradition.jpg

    Challenge hosted by Glyn Images from Pixabay and my own elements used from Daydream Design - Whimsical Christmas
  4. Mommy Loves U

    Mommy Loves U

    Created for the Summer School 2022 Week One Language Arts Challenge Credits: Pawsitively Adorable from Kristin Aagard Stylin' #305 Wood Veneer, Stylin' #304 Glitter Sprinkles, Stylin' #303 Wire and March 2018 BYOC Styles from Mommyish Art & Nature Painters Toolbox Real Gesso Styles and...
  5. Walking The Dogs

    Walking The Dogs

    I'm practicing creating layouts using a different type of style for me. I am really enjoying branching out :) All items by Lynne Anzelc: Sunday Afternoon and Add On, brown dog from her Paris Arts kit.
  6. Face of an Angel

    Face of an Angel

    Created for the Big Photo Challenge at Just Art using Flower Essence Kit, Flower Essence Papers 2 and Flower Essence Masks from MLDesign. Fonts are Baby Sunshine and Another Shabby. Photo is my own.
  7. P52 - Week 6 - Happy.jpg

    P52 - Week 6 - Happy.jpg

    Hosted by Me myself and I lol Images my own
  8. P52 Week 4 Play.jpg

    P52 Week 4 Play.jpg

    Challenge hosted by Grace Image my own of Charlie Images from Pixabay & Pngtree
  9. Inuyasha Bobblehead - MOC 10 Day 22

    Inuyasha Bobblehead - MOC 10 Day 22

    Created for MOC 10 Day 22 Credits: Pawsitively Adorable from Kristin Aagard, Mixed Media Monthly July 2016 from Little Butterfly Wings, Lynn-Marie, Nancie Howe-Janitz and Paula Kesselring, Mixed Media Monthly January 2017 from Dawn Inskip, Little Butterfly Wings, Lynne-Marie and Paula...
  10. Planet Dog - MOC 10 Day 20

    Planet Dog - MOC 10 Day 20

    I had to scrap a bad photo and this may be my favorite bad photo every. Created for the MOC 10 Day 20 Scrap a Bad Photo Challenge at The Lilypad using Stardust from Paula Kesselring and Pawsitively Adorable from Kristin Aagard. Fonts are Chopsic and Demora. Bad photo is my own. lol
  11. Jan22 Big Photo Challenge.jpg

    Jan22 Big Photo Challenge.jpg

    Challenge hosted by Escara Photo my own of Jackson now deceased
  12. Jan22 Progressive Scrap final.jpg

    Jan22 Progressive Scrap final.jpg

    Challenge hosted by Robyn Kit provided by Robyn Image my own of my Son & Charlie
  13. Friends & Siblings - MOC 10 Day 16

    Friends & Siblings - MOC 10 Day 16

    Created for the MOC 10 Day 16 Simple Template Challenge at The Lilypad using Pawsitively Adorable by Kristin Aagard, PaperEdges No 2 from Paula Kesselring, CU Watercolor Brushes 15 from Mommyish, Gesso It from Pink Reptile Designs and MOC 10 Freebie Template from Designed by Soco. Fonts are...
  14. Heart My Furbabies - MOC 10 Day 7

    Heart My Furbabies - MOC 10 Day 7

    Created for the MOC 10 Day 7 Challenge, Filled Template, at The Lilypad. Credits: Storyteller 2016 January Collection from Just Jaimee, Pawsitively Adorable from Kristen Agaard, That's Life Summer Rewind Frippery and That's Life The Everyday Elements from Bella Gypsy, Messy Marks from Lynn...
  15. Jan22 Finish the sentence + one.jpg

    Jan22 Finish the sentence + one.jpg

    Challenge hosted by Poppy Images my own of Jackson & Charlie Kit used from JSD, A Whole New Chapter
  16. Loved An Animal

    Loved An Animal

    I must be in a creative mood right now. I just finished this layout for Rachel Jefferies' January Mixed Media Challenge. (Or I'm trying to justify my shopping spree at the end of last month. lol) Credits: Anisoptera Mixed Media Collection, Epic Cosmic Stuff Bundle from Rachel Jefferies, Trust...
  17. So Cute - January Big Photo Challenge

    So Cute - January Big Photo Challenge

    Credits: Brackets No 1, MultiMedia Flutterbys #3, ArtsyTransfers Meadow and Antiquated Frames No 1 from Anna Aspnes Flea Market Finds Antique Ledger Overlays, 52 Inspirations 2018 - No 12 Flea Market Finds and Stressed Out from Crafty Button Designs Photo is my own. Grungy Nature One, Grunged...
  18. P52 Week 1 - Sunshine.jpg

    P52 Week 1 - Sunshine.jpg

    Challenge hosted by Jody Image my own Kits used, JSD Daisy Dayz, Lynne Anzelc Stepping back in time
  19. December Template challenge 21.jpg

    December Template challenge 21.jpg

    Challenge hosted by Karen Images my own of Lulu Kits used - It's a Snap, and several freebies from Anita's kits.
  20. December Mini Kit Challenge.jpg

    December Mini Kit Challenge.jpg

    Challenge hosted by Rosie Kit from Rosie's Design Image my own Mask from Anita