1. March whats in my garden.jpg

    March whats in my garden.jpg

    Challenge hosted by Mary Images are my own Border from Lynne Anzelc Butterflies are Anita's journalling reads: My Garden is always changing, this year the roses have been beautiful. I don't have a lot of flowers as I don't make the time for them, I tend to keep things pretty simple and of course...
  2. march decorate a cushion.jpg

    march decorate a cushion.jpg

    Challenge hosted by Karen (kakleid Designs) Image my own Armchair from Pngtree Lynn Anzelc Designs - Auriel Scrap - Kakleid Designs
  3. February Finish the Sentence.jpg

    February Finish the Sentence.jpg

    Challenge hosted by Mary Image my own I love you wordart from Pngtree Flowers from Rosie's Design
  4. December big photo challenge.jpg

    December big photo challenge.jpg

    Challenge hosted by Poppy (Mary) Photos my own Kits from Lynne Anzelc and Daydream Designs
  5. P52 Week 51 Y.jpg

    P52 Week 51 Y.jpg

    Challenge hosted by Grace Image my own Lynne Anzelc Designs, Tiramisu Designs, Rosie's Designs
  6. November Big Photo Challenge.jpg

    November Big Photo Challenge.jpg

    Challenge hosted by Poppy Image my own Kits used Naughty Nana's and Dogs & Cats from Serif Mask from HSA
  7. p52 Week 46 T.jpg

    p52 Week 46 T.jpg

    Challenge hosted by Grace Image my own Lynne Anzelc, stepping back in time Jumpstart Designs, Bring on spring & Once upon a summer dream Snickerdoodle Designs, Good Friends Rosie's Designs, April Junk Box
  8. I'm Fine

    I'm Fine

    My oldest son at 15 with our Madeline It's That Attitude by Throwing Some Scraps Around
  9. Quote Challenge April 2020.jpg

    Quote Challenge April 2020.jpg

    Challenge hosted by Grace Images my own Jumpstart Designs Daisy Days, Rosie's Designs April Junk Box, Snickerdoodle Designs Good Friends
  10. TakeTimeTo.jpg


    Overlay = by retro-supply-co Text = Ink Free watercolor leaves for frame = from Magical Watercolors Vol 3 by Lisa Glanz Photo = from Pixabay