1. October 2019 Quote Challenge.png

    October 2019 Quote Challenge.png

    My niece Tara played Gertrude McFuzz in this production of Seussical the Musical in 2007. I took all of the photos. I used various pieces from Kakleid Designs and the font is Grinched 2.0.
  2. October 2019 Template Challenge.png

    October 2019 Template Challenge.png

    My niece-in-laws 30th birthday celebration. Janne McNeill took the photos Kakleid Designs Puzzling kit, Sophisticated kit
  3. P52 Week 33: Family.jpg

    P52 Week 33: Family.jpg

    Snickerdoodle Designs_Nature Hike PrelestnayaP_MultiPhotoMasksFrames Photos: Ceuline@pixabay and skeeze@pixabay
  4. Ellen Florence Phillips

    Ellen Florence Phillips

    This is a page I created using the after manipulation photo of my Great Grandmother Ellen Florence Phillips nee Alderson. The original photo has an inscription on it from my Great Grandfather Alfred Philip Moses (Phillips). It says "With kind love to father from my darling Nell. Alf" I used...
  5. Ellen Phillips Nee Alderson_Before After Restoration

    Ellen Phillips Nee Alderson_Before After Restoration

    This is the only precious photo I have of my Great Grandmother Ellen Phillips. The original was very faded, as shown in the before photo. I wanted to restores as much of the detail as possible without compromising the original integrity of the photo. Here are my before and after manipulation photos.
  6. A Star is Born.jpg

    A Star is Born.jpg

    I used Kakleid Design's Creative Calm kit. The font is Amarillo. The photos were taken by Studio Newborn Session.
  7. Lunch Date

    Lunch Date

    Credits: Selfcare Bundle by NBK Design Photos by Les Davies or myself.
  8. Asian Ink Challenge

    Asian Ink Challenge

    Asian Ink Challenge by Rosie picture - mine
  9. Shevon


    Femmes mini kit by Mystery Scraps Photo - mine
  10. Wedding Day

    Wedding Day

    Full of Love by Mystery Scraps Photo by VP Studios Photography (used with permission)
  11. Family


    # Promotion<br /><br />Family Portrait Sofa Sunday Edition "Synergy Inks contribution to it"<br /><br />Photo Pixabay
  12. Niece


    3s Company Template by Bits-N-Pieces Kit by Palvinka Designs - Simple Pleasures Photos - Private
  13. Autumn Days

    Autumn Days

    A Tale of Autumn by Kakleidesigns Picture is mine
  14. September


    September's End Challenge by Rosie September's End Kit by Rosie Template by Dagi's Temp-tations - Softly Sweet Picture is mine
  15. Having Fun

    Having Fun

    Brushed Templates by Kakleidesigns Kit - Trust Me by Kakleidesigns My photos
  16. Girl Power

    Girl Power

    You Are Beautiful Kit by A&K Art Photo is mine
  17. This is us

    This is us

      We Are Family  Design by Tina<br /><br />
  18. Honduras


    Seasons In The Sun Bundle by Kakleidesigns and Dutch Dream D. at E-Scape and Scrap
  19. First Bike Ride

    First Bike Ride

    GDS Monthly Collab for May 2018 - Passion - FREE when you spend $15 in the store
  20. Spring Mud

    Spring Mud

    What's In a Picture Template by MDD Designs Exuberant Spring Kit by ADB Designs