1. jPA_Smile for the Camera

    jPA_Smile for the Camera

    For various reasons, I haven't been able to shoot for the past 8 years, so picking up my camera has been a real treat. During this Covid 19 life, my dot & I have made concerted efforts to get outside and make it a day worth taking pictures of and scrapbooking. So she does up her make-up, even...
  2. jPA_Joy to be Found today!

    jPA_Joy to be Found today!

    There is JOY to be found every single day, even when your world feels broken. ©justpattyanne aka ©Patty Anne Henderson Created using Jen Maddocks' "Faithbooking - Joy", "Beautiful Day", "Dance of the Sun", "Bricolage - Mar '18".
  3. jPA_Bricolage_Make-n-Do


    For a quote challenge... "Start where you are, Use what you have, Do what you can." I am anxiously awaiting the Spring nest building - as birds are the epitome of making do with what they find lying about to feather their nests. ©justPattyAnne aka ©Patty Anne Henderson Created using Jen...