1. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday

    May Minikit by Red Dog Designs photo: mine
  2. Rescue Dog Training with Josie

    Rescue Dog Training with Josie

    Mystery Door challenge, door 9 Wanderlust by NBK Design artTherapy no 3 by NBK Design photo: mine (photo of last week's training in the Black Forest, April 25-30,2022)
  3. Happy Josie

    Happy Josie

    March Happy/Positive challenge Wildflower collection by Anna Aspnes photo: mine
  4. It's Spring

    It's Spring

    March Finish the Sentence challenge APP Melic by Anna Aspnes photo: mine
  5. Progressive Scrap - Jocelyn

    Progressive Scrap - Jocelyn

    Scrap supplies by Robyn brush: Watercolor stain by Florju photos: mine
  6. 10_CleanAndSimple_Josie.jpg


    October Clean and Simple challenge September Garden by et designs WordArt: Autumn by Anna Aspnes photo: mine, taken today Oct 28, 2021
  7. Jocelyn


    August Quote Challenge APP Vie by Anna Aspnes Designs Multimedia Branches No 14 by Anna photo: mine (she is no puppy anymore, but often thinks that she is one)
  8. Waiting for a flying pinecone

    Waiting for a flying pinecone

    August Big Photo Challenge APP Verdure by Anna Aspnes Designs photo: mine, shot August 14, 2021 The dogs are from left to right: Malik, Flat-Coated Retriever dog, 13 years Mali, Malinois bitch, 8 years Gwen, Tervueren bitch, 4 years my Josie, Australian Shepherd bitch, 3 years
  9. Jocelyn


    Mask Challenge March 2021 Peachy and Rose Sombre by Anita photo: mine, processed with Deep Dream Generator
  10. Jocelyn


    February Font Challenge with a Twist Scenic Template Album No 1 by Anna Aspnes Designs APP Quaintville by Anna Aspnes Designs photo: mine, the color photo processed by me with Deep Dream Generator
  11. February Template Challenge

    February Template Challenge

    Template by Kakleidesigns Winter Wonderland by Moos Scraps Winter Wonderland by Manu Scraps photos: mine
  12. Unforgettable


    February Big Photo Challenge APP Moira by Anna Aspnes Design photo: mine
  13. January Quote Challenge

    January Quote Challenge

    Happy Birthday to me by NBK Design On the Sunny Side by NBK Design photo: mine
  14. December Morning

    December Morning

    Mystery Door 3 In A Winter Morning by Simplette photo: mine, taken 12-25-2020 at a white Christmas day
  15. Don't forget ...

    Don't forget ...

    APP Garland by Anna Aspnes Designs photo: mine
  16. Merry Christmas - Template Challenge

    Merry Christmas - Template Challenge

    December Template Challenge December Template by Kakleidesigns APP Garland by Anna Aspnes Designs photos: mine
  17. Josie


    Big Photo Challenge November Background paper APP Autumn Elegance by Anna Aspnes Designs photo(s): mine
  18. Foggy Autumn Days

    Foggy Autumn Days

    November Progressive Scrap Challenge Mindfulness by NBK Design Hygge by NBK Design artTheraphy by NBK Design Pieces of Autumn by NBK Design Frame by Anna Aspnes Designs photo: mine
  19. Piz Palue and Josie

    Piz Palue and Josie

  20. Jocelyn


    Template by Soco Pawsitively Adorable by Kristin Aagard Designs photos: mine