junk box challenge

  1. JunkBox202008.jpg


    Robyn's August 2020 Junk Box photo:personal
  2. Junk Box.jpg

    Junk Box.jpg

    August Junk Box and picture taken by me in the Butterfly Garden
  3. JunkBox Challenge - Flowers Bloom

    JunkBox Challenge - Flowers Bloom

    Photo: My own
  4. Periwinkle


    When I started working with the items in the junk box for the challenge, I was drawn to the blueish purple paper and the first thing that came to my mind was the color periwinkle, so I found some perfect matching periwinkles, did some recoloring on the striped paper, ribbon, and tag to complete...
  5. junkbox-cha.jpg


    Junkbox August challenge Beautiful mini Kit by Robyn Image-Pexels
  6. Junk Box Challenge

    Junk Box Challenge

    Junk Box by Rosie's Designs; photo from Pixabay
  7. Junk Box Challenge - January

    Junk Box Challenge - January

    Hosted by Rosie Kit used is Junk box January by Rosie's Designs Image from Pixabay